Sunday, October 13, 2013

12 Oct 2013.

Yesterday.... another girlfriend of mine....... got engaged! hahahahaha! I love this kind of occasion. Happy moment for all of us and of coz laaaa.... its a special moment for our Miss Fickle .. coz its her 26th bday too.. so macam double occasion for her! hahahahaha..
And I dunno why all of us laughed so much yesterday... mebbe becoz kita da lama tak hang out ramai2... from rumah Zimah... to tong seng to Champs @ arab st... and irni kene bully je from the guys since the LAKSA incident at zimahs place... lol!! and the boys keep on nk buat insta video insta collage... omg... the 3 guys... peragai perempuan sak! mcm mintak kene bunuh kdg2.. lol! but hell yeah... we keep on laughing smpai perot sakit... hahahahaha... I cant wait for our next meet up! mebbe its time for short getaway to KL uh please! hahahahaha. Dekat2 je la.. paham2 la.... few of us nak kawin... tak ley uh naik kapal terbang! YET! LOL!!!!!
okie la... nothing much to update... anyway..... few pics of yesterdays....


(Fiance & me together with our gorgeous lady, Zimah.)
(Candid shot its a must! Some of them couldn't turn up. this is jus 3/4 of us!)

(Yang da kene book. hehe.)

(With my fav lads at Champs @ Arab st.)

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