Friday, November 29, 2013

Shine "Bride" like a Diamond.

As much as I wanted an expensive wedding band.. but I just cudnt do such thing to my fiancé. Eventho his pay is as high as mount Everest(ni part aku bedek uh. Tapi mmg besar la kan. ALHAMDULILLAH). Nanti orang cakap pakai duit laki pulak kan.
So! HIM being the smart one in this relantionship, he found out a website. Which i'm totally in love with. TRUST ME. Under Platinum Vermeil Silver link, rings below $500 you can get pretty pretty rings okie~ If u want $1K ring and above... go ahead under their 18K Gold link or Catier or BVLGARI or whichever stores yang WILD WILD WEST YE PRICING. lol! *wink wink*
Meet ORRO. I bet many knows about this brand! hahahaha. Aku over-excited siul tgk website dia. Seriously in love with many. Why its cheap or wonder where they are from or what they are made from? Please read it here. =)
And here are some of the collection that i'm truly in love with. And all selections are below $300. Yeah! And its wedding band! Its for you to keep not to gadai or whatever. Kalau gadai macam no value... cos its below $300! LOL!!! But seriously its pretty.....

(My personal favourite, ORRO Duo Band Ring)
(Another personal favourite, ORRO Tear-Drop Spectacular Ring)
(ORRO Marquise Sophistication Ring)
(ORRO Paved Setting Asscher Cut Ring)
(ORRO Sparkle All Round Ring)


  1. Babe..this is not real diamonds though...that's why it's cheaper..

    1. hehe. yeah I know.... hehehe.. tats y I ckp takde value kalau gadai/jual. =D