Wednesday, December 3, 2014



And I'm so done with all the booking for the wedding. ITS OFFICIAL PEOPLE. I'm getting married in like less then 3 months! OH MY GAWD! Can u believe it?! Its gonna be over. And I'm gonna have my own HAPPILY EVER AFTER, Insya Allah! AMIN AMIN AMIN!

Well, recently, I found out about Engraved Memories via instagram. And I fell in love. And start enquiry them about wedding cards! I tink its fine with that kind of price. Please email dem for the quotation k! Hehe. But, with that price and services like that, its just awesome. At 1st, I tot I wanna get another vendor. But theres no response at all. I SHALL NOT MENTION WHO. COZ I ALSO DUN WAN TO DISTURB THEIR "PERIUK NASI".  So, let it be a mistery. Mebbe its jus not my luck to haf dem la. POSITIVE MINDSET K! Plus, da suntuk, and mother da start membebel la "kau biler ni nak buat kad? lambat2 nanti takde org dtg." please Ma~ chill~~~ So, I might as well just skip it and just find another vendor. I was happy that actually I found them right after booking of the Multi purpose hall at Town council.

Their cards are just as awesome as the other vendors mcm From Fran With Love or The Card Maison. But my budget lari la kalau I abik drg. But their cards very LAWA GILER NAK MAMPOS. Go check dem out.

But Engraved Memories pon lawa. Trust me. Come I show u some samples eh...

See, nice or what?! Hehe. I da pilih da. I ye yg simple2 je. Very me. The feminine side of me. Hahaha! Stay tune. I already received the draft from them. Its so nice. To me la. to u alls I tak tau la. Al-maklom la, saya ye taste ni suka simple2 je.
Well, its up to individual la. Nak yg mahal ke nk yg murah ke. Yg ni very acceptable to me. In the budget nicely. And kalau krg nak murah giler. Den sila la travel ke JB Angsana or Larkin JB. But susah ye kene travel. Which is susah for people like me, takde kenderaan. So, lets just go LOCAL. Bual2 via email or FB or even WA da boleh! hahaha. SIAP! Tak payah pikir2 panjang biler aku nk pi JB and such. THANK GOD I FOUND U ENGRAVED MEMORIES!
Excellent service. I SUPER LIKE. Eh not LIKE. But LOVE!! And recommended okie. Recommended by me la of coz! Hehehe. And dorang bukan buat wedding cards je k. Theres Hangtag & stickers, posters & signage too!
Again, please do check them out okie. =)

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