Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The amazing vendors.

HELLO!!! I AM A MRS ALREADY!!!! LIKE A MONTH ALREADY! ALHAMDULILLAH!! Hahahaha! I really really really loving being a Mrs. U have ur partner by ur side every night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner sesama. It been great la. Alhamdulillah!!
With that, let me just update about our wedding. Every single thing was according to plan. No cock up! Time was smooth. No rush. Weather was great! I just wanna say, our wedding was PERFECT. Well, ALMOST PERFECT. Haha. Trust me. Theres no perfection in anything or everything u do or did in ur life. Pagi2 nikah tu, before anything happened. My mum and i quarreled like cats and dogs and i cried damn hard tat morning. But i am so touched by my SIL and my both bros protecting me and tell my mum to stop making me feel like shit coz its actually my BIG DAY. But like i said, NOTHING IS PERFECT. So, thats the only not so perfect moment for me.
Ok sad part dabis! Kita share pasal the wedding itself for my side only la k! UNBELIEVEABLE. The feeling its so amazing. Plan for almost to 2 years. And it ended damn fast la. Macam rasa tak puas. All our titik peluh simpan duit semua terus dabis?! Lol!! Amazing la. I think the ex BTB will understand this feelings.
Lets sumarised the wedding vendors that i have selected!
Hand bouquet by Hand made with Love from Budgetnista Chic. Hahaha. I found out, actually, she's my bro neighbour okie! haahahahaha. so funny sia wen i told my bro to get the bouquet for me!! anyway, I told her i put the whole trust on her. i told her i wan shades of purple. gave her example from pinterest. and i LOVEEEEEE the final result! So talented this kakak. Must have trust with ur vendors and u will get good nice result. hehehe! Love the keepsake bouquet for sure!!!

Henna! By Syraskins. But i didnt have the chance to have Syra to do my henna coz i didnt wen to her kedai. So, Ira came over instead. and trust me, she is as good as Syra. No doubt. Just check her work out! so nice and neat. and she's damn nice and sweet. Hehe. I'm not even angry wen Syra didnt come over. Well, this is business. But its okie. I'm fine with Ira.
So remember wen i said i want a full hand design! And i got it! I paid that much, and i feel so satisfied with it! the stain last at least 2 weeks plus. Suka sgt!!! Thanks IRA!!!!!!!


Amani Weddings! White, purple, lilac colour have been the chosen colour. Simple and clean look for the pelamin. Makanan, guest ckp sedap2. ALHAMDULILLAH. I tink the famous dish for the day were the Laksa. I never get the chance to makan uh. But its okie! As long guest ckp sedap. Den sedap uh! Hahaha!
Anyway, Abg Omar, he's so nice uh. He visualised everything... and everything followed his setup. The tentage, it was a plain mcm "cina mati" tentage. But, he put some decor so it wont look like "cina mati" kind of look! Thank God he knows wat he's doing. And i'm loving wat i saw days before the actual event. So nice~ To me la. dunno about the guest.
Well, my mum actually dont really like the pelamin. She doesnt hate it. But, she said, the colour that i chose was a boring colour. Hahaha. Sori Mak, my wedding my choice uh! HAHAHAHAHA! Y i chose white for the pelamin? Well. i want to have a clean look. And i want us to POP in the picture and not the pelamin to POP! Not only me that want the "POP-ING", but to family and guest to POP too! U know wat i mean? Haha! NVM! So, yeah, gambar kat bawa tu la pelamin dan decor saya ye.

Next will be our entertainment! Both his and mine took MIS Entertainment, LIVE TELECAST. So, the groom side will know wats going on @ the brides side. And if we are in woodlands, over at the grooms side, the bride side will know wats going on at his side. Good and bad to live telecast. Good, guest will know where are we so they can roughly estimate if dey can wait or not if they wanna meet the bride and groom. The bad part, i heard from both families is that the telecast kdg2 terputus. That, we cant blame them. Like i said, everything cant be perfect mah. And husband and i wasnt even angry one bit. Coz they are working so damn hard for both side. And with that we appreciate their efforts.
Before the events, our orang kuat need to send some dedication video to MIS. So they played it during our makan moment at the groom side. Hahaha. We get to watched everything a day after our event. The most touching dedication comes from Nora. I dunno why i feel touched by her dedication. And funny at the same time coz she was telling the husband via the video "Please let Sue meet us...... *with her dimple smile all over the video!*" Hahahahaha.
No pictures of MIS with us! I hope the cameraman or videoman get to captured some moments with them. Kelakar la drg. Even one of my doctors WA me and said he's impressed with my DJ. lol!!!!!!
And then the cake. FARAH AFFANDI CAKE!! Hanya Tuhan je tau perasaan hati i kat atas pelamin wen the SIL setting up the cake table. I was inspired by Pinterest regarding the set up for a 1 tier wedding cake.
SIL bertungkus lumus order baby breathes and bende ala yg sponge hijau and rose petals tu from Far East Floral. Thank God for her being a perfectionist. She do all the calling and arrangement. Show her an example and she knows wat i'm talking about. Haha. And thanks to my Maid of honour, Irni for staying abit late aft the nikah to settle the baby breathes set up. Dia pon sama perfectionist mcm kakak ipar aku. So, i don worry so much. hahaha!
Look what Farah and her partner in crime create. Look below!
It was mentioned as a Dior inspired arrangement. And i'm loving it to death!! I told Farah tat my pelamin will be in white and red flowers. And she told me not to worry coz she will be using this colours that she arranged for me above! So LAWA KAN!!! Cake nie lawa macam dia jgak! I still cant get over this cake eventho its only 1 tier tall people! And its like sedap nak mampos!!! Even my anak sedara suka giler okie! hahahahaha!
And below! Its the pinterest inspired set up done by my SIL.
Okie i save best for last! Saving my awesome mak andam and my CM and VD last coz drg pon amazing la!!!!!!! I start with Mak andam la okie!
Yaya Yusoff from Peti Solek the Bridal Room. I have no regrets having her to doll me up for both days! I am so comfortable with her. We cant stop laughing and we actually talk alot! Yaya is that person who loves to chat while working. So, the bride wont get bored or nervous watsoever. And she actually takes good care of u! Best uh dia. Kalau krg abik dia.... confirm krg tak regret la please! And i heard Qee from Peti Solek the Bridal Room pon popular now. And shes kelakar nak mampos in real life k. Met her during our final fitting with Yaya. I think kakak andam from PSTBR memang gerek to the maxima uh! Seriously!
So her magic hands turned me to Ziana Zaid and Ayda Jebat. Hahahahahahahahaha! Thats the comment i got from people who have seen me both days. But, u guys know what, I LOOK LIKE MYSELF IN THE MIRROR LA OKIE! hahahahahahahaha!! But i cant deny the fact that i looked freaking flawless! Haha! MAGIC HANDS INDEED YAYA!!!
(Sanding in 1st baju)
Love the eyebrows and eye make up the most. And krg will know la baju apa aku pakai k! And hairdo with that sanggul, thats all i need. No sanggul tinggi2 ni semua i tak nak. Simple and nice. And Yaya knows what she's doing!
My 2nd sanding baju, was handpicked by Yaya, herself. I'm truly blessed. Coz she kept tat baju for me to wear as the 1st bride for the collection. Its not the Royal Dahlia collection. Its just Dahlia new collection that she wanted me to wear. And it looked perfect. How can i NOT love her! How thoughtful of her to think about me! Haha. I feel special somehow. Here it is...........
The veil. The colour. The beadings. SO PERFECT. Just the way i like it. EH NO! JUS THE WAY I LOVE IT! So lawa this baju. Out of 3. This is like my favourite baju!! Seriously, NO REGRETS HAVING PSTBR as my MUA. Will definitely keep stalking them. hahaha. Eventho da kawin! Coz i loveeeeee their collection!!
Last but not least, Clearlens Production! The one who gonna capture all the moments. And i cant wait to see the final product for the pictures and video!! Drg very kecoh macam kakak andam i. And thank God my kakak andam and dem can get along. Hahahaha! Semua giler! Sekaki giler. Suka photobomb. Lol! Hakeem the videoman for my side, he's super nice la. And Saiful, my senior in secondary school days became my cameraman. This 2 guys also make me comfortable doesnt make me shy for the camera. starting of coz uh. den its all natural. 
Saiful managed to send us sneek pictures for the nikah day. Jom i share gan u okie!!
AWESOME LA KAN!! This is exactly wat i want... clear colourful pictures! I REALLY CANT WAIT TO SEE WHOLE LOT OF IT! And the last picture, will be my favourite picture with our orang kuat! SUKA GILER!!! Cant wait cant wait the final product indeed!!!!!
With that ladies and gentlemen! i have done my part in sharing whatever vendors i have booked for the wedding for my side... nanti i share watever happened during our wedding and also our honeymoon in Japan! Insya Allah!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

All about the "Bulus" and "Kukus"

So, kirakan nak macam prepare for the wedding la kan. So, Zimah, one of my bridemaids and I wen to Musee Platinum appointment few weeks back to sign up the package. Its soooo cheap during promotion. We paid $30 ONLY(underarm only) for the unlimited session. Again, I must say this again and again! Its PROMOTION at that point of time.
At 1st mcm tak percaya la sebab its state as "unlimited for $30". No hidden cost. No gimmick. And great thing about Musee Platinum, they are not PUSHY unlike like other company that I heard and read off. Well, today, it was our 1st treatment. Actually, by RIGHT, I cant go for the appointment coz its state in T&C, BTB/Wedding on the same month as appointment tak boleh buat. But, me, I go by LEFT! I don't care! Hahahaha! If really bad happen to the ketiak, ITS OKIE. Becoz, my baju nikah and sanding its not sleeveless mah! So, its okie! HAHAHAHAHA! It still hidden even if my ketiak really really reaaaallly gone wrong la. Pray hard it wont! That's all I can say.
Anyway, the procedure took like less den 10 min? I think like 7 mins job?! So damn fast I tell u! After treatment tu, lom la ade perbezaan nya..... LOL! Tak kan sekali je terus bulu dia tipis and ketiak da puteh. Of coz la TIDAK! hahahahahahaha!! I seriously cannot wait to see the different after few session la. Hehe!! Nanti da ade beza nya saya bilang ye.... Sila la baca di bawa tentang treatment nya okie!

After the "ketiak" session... We wen for "Kuku" session la pulak. Lol!! Nak bersih kan kuku yg berdaki nie before henna nite... why so early? Well, aku malas nak pegi lain hari... and I wanna try it at bugis. since our apt ketiak at Bugis+, so y not sekali gus we go to bugis st and try the mani and pedi there. I dont want to do at the mall like Nail Palance becoz I ever kena.. super sakit k dia buat kan manicure.... and they are pushy. Paksa2 suruh masok as members. I WHERE GOT TIME TO DO ALL THIS JUNK! I'm doing this like every yr once. LOL! thats just show how lazy I can be regarding my Kuku. Serious gang. NO TIME! So dont waste money to join all this.
But hey, jgn pandang Bugis st tak bagus okie. The place i wen is so very the ala2 Phuket. Hahaha. Coz dulu, I pegi gn gfs I meni pedi kat phuket. So feeling2 nya mcm kat sana. Lagi2 pegi gan Zimah. LOL!! Best part is, dey were soooooooo freaking gentle JUST like at Phuket. Tak sakit. So relaxing of coz! And takde nak promote2 masok member. Buat, habis kan cerita, bayar! Tak rasa beban langsung! Hahahaha. So, its kinda recommended. Drg ni English nya tak sehebat mane... But, they can understand simple English, GOOD ENUFF FOR ME OKIE! 

Biggest thank u to my good gf aka bridesmaid aka TEAM CENGGENG for menemani aku ke kedai kuku and sending me home harini! Appreciate it BIG TIME! hehe... Sayang Zimah many2!!!


Thursday, February 19, 2015


Hey!! Its been so long!! No updates no nothing, Too busy during the school hols. And den kinda bz tru out. Busy apa eh?! I also dunno la.

I had 2 surprises! Hen's high tea @ Carousel with my bffs and also a 2 days 1 nite hen's party @ Fairmont hotel with my gfs. THANK U SO MUCH FOR ALL THE EFFORTS! Both party suka eh blindfold blindfold aku. Haha! STILL, I DO HAVE FUN WITH ALL MY ORANG KUATS! Sayang all 9 of them!
Featuring the BFFs:-


Featuring the girlfriends, Bohemian nite:-

And oh!! This 2 secondary school mate of mine!! They also surprised me too!! A wedding gift~ How thoughtful of u guys!!! SAYANG KRG JGAK K!!!!

and deeeeeeeen, theres too many weddings to go too week after week after week! No time for anything else otha den makan nasi minyak orang. Lol!!! Penat k... macam theres no other things to do during weekends except for wedding! But I still go with an open heart and smile tru out coz its their special day. and mine will be like soooon!

DAG DIG DUG! Lagi 9 hari dok aku kahwin!!! Hahahahaha! Alhamdulillah. All settle. As for now, everything according to plans. Met Yaya from Peti Solek The Bridal Room smlm to choose my last baju! Like last minit eh? but actually no la.. coz Yaya wanted me to wait for their new arrival tats y I never choose any last dress the last time. And yes! I love their new baju!! I hugged her wen she said "I CHOP BAJU NI UTK U OKIE!" touching okie! Coz she said, wen she picked up the baju in KL she already think of me. Alhamdulillah. I guess she must have liked me for a reason. LOL! But seriously, I'm very touched! No 2nd tots of trying otha Dahlia collection... I just chose the one that was chosen by herself! Heh~ SO HAPPY! I cant wait to pakai baju baru dia! It felt so awesome la okie! Hahahaha. Sorry eh girls. It may not be as wow in ur mata... tapi mata I.... its amazing~~~

After that, we met our cameraman and videoman from Clearlens production. Hakeem the videoman, he's so nice la. He shared his experienced regarding his old client bad and good. Anyway, I felt comfortable with him. So I think I shudnt be camera shy during the video shoot, I HOPE! As for Saiful, he was once my senior. we were friends before. and that shudnt be any problem too! Confident eh! skali dia petik gambar takot muka aku senyum macam kambing nanti. LOL!!

Already discussed with Farah Affandi about the cake too! I cannot wait to rasa her cakes again!! Met Kak Lia from MIS Entertainment about the itinerary too! Met KKB to get our package! Soooooo loving the pre-wedding shoot photos from dem! Puas hati okie!!! Met Aida from AMN Snaptures for the photobooth guestbook thingy too! Met Elly Weddings regarding our wedding trays!! Discussed with HMWL regarding my bouquet, mesti ade purple as I requested! LOL! Met Abg Omar from Amani, praying hard he can make the space look big!! and hoping the food for the guest will be enuff! done done done! Tunggu timing je la okie!! *finger crossed*

Woah so many things happening. This is the reason y I cant update anything~ Like as if people read my blog. hahahahahaha!! INSYA ALLAH EVERYTHING WILL BE WELL. No jitters yet. But soon la okie.. soooon! Hehe!!! Please pray for us!
U can simply find us in IG with the hashtag okies. Updates and such. =)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014



And I'm so done with all the booking for the wedding. ITS OFFICIAL PEOPLE. I'm getting married in like less then 3 months! OH MY GAWD! Can u believe it?! Its gonna be over. And I'm gonna have my own HAPPILY EVER AFTER, Insya Allah! AMIN AMIN AMIN!

Well, recently, I found out about Engraved Memories via instagram. And I fell in love. And start enquiry them about wedding cards! I tink its fine with that kind of price. Please email dem for the quotation k! Hehe. But, with that price and services like that, its just awesome. At 1st, I tot I wanna get another vendor. But theres no response at all. I SHALL NOT MENTION WHO. COZ I ALSO DUN WAN TO DISTURB THEIR "PERIUK NASI".  So, let it be a mistery. Mebbe its jus not my luck to haf dem la. POSITIVE MINDSET K! Plus, da suntuk, and mother da start membebel la "kau biler ni nak buat kad? lambat2 nanti takde org dtg." please Ma~ chill~~~ So, I might as well just skip it and just find another vendor. I was happy that actually I found them right after booking of the Multi purpose hall at Town council.

Their cards are just as awesome as the other vendors mcm From Fran With Love or The Card Maison. But my budget lari la kalau I abik drg. But their cards very LAWA GILER NAK MAMPOS. Go check dem out.

But Engraved Memories pon lawa. Trust me. Come I show u some samples eh...

See, nice or what?! Hehe. I da pilih da. I ye yg simple2 je. Very me. The feminine side of me. Hahaha! Stay tune. I already received the draft from them. Its so nice. To me la. to u alls I tak tau la. Al-maklom la, saya ye taste ni suka simple2 je.
Well, its up to individual la. Nak yg mahal ke nk yg murah ke. Yg ni very acceptable to me. In the budget nicely. And kalau krg nak murah giler. Den sila la travel ke JB Angsana or Larkin JB. But susah ye kene travel. Which is susah for people like me, takde kenderaan. So, lets just go LOCAL. Bual2 via email or FB or even WA da boleh! hahaha. SIAP! Tak payah pikir2 panjang biler aku nk pi JB and such. THANK GOD I FOUND U ENGRAVED MEMORIES!
Excellent service. I SUPER LIKE. Eh not LIKE. But LOVE!! And recommended okie. Recommended by me la of coz! Hehehe. And dorang bukan buat wedding cards je k. Theres Hangtag & stickers, posters & signage too!
Again, please do check them out okie. =)

Thursday, November 27, 2014

#deeyanitravel - Honeymoon

Hey hey hey!
Multi-purpose hall booked and paid! But the downside, West coast punya town council strict giler. manyampah k! Not the one who attended to me. But the whole systems kinda sucks. so yeah. I gonna get back to amani abt my disappointment regarding the booking.
WATEVER. SETTLE ALREADY! Hahaha! And I already settle fandi brg2 kawin. member happy with the choices. TAK PA LA KAN! Asal kan nmp dia pakai suah! Betul tak betul?
Anywhooooooo~ We have(sorta) decided with the honeymoon part! get me all excited! 1st choice, I wanted to go to Bali. Just chilling by the beach. Makan and etc. 2nd, he wanted to go London! BUT! No bola season. So, I told him mebbe end of 2015 or 2016 we jejak London la hor. Since dia nk tgk bola. Arsenal match~ And I never haf tat intention to go London anyway. Never been in my list before la hor. 3rd, I wanted to go Korea! But he don't want. he said, and I quote "Orang pegi Korea utk KPOP je." eh dia nie kental sey!!! theres more to it sia. Kpop la sgt! so much things to see there! OH MY~ Nvm~ ONE DAY ONE DAY! DEFINITELY JEJAK SANA! Insya Allah!
And den, theres Japan! WOOOOT WOOOOOOOOT! Jepun neh. ARIGATO! MOSHI MOSHI! KAWAII!!!~ Out of nowhere we decided on Japan. No high hopes tho. Coz lom book tix. I mean. we re going to book tix next week. Hoping and wishing price will drop? LOL! Wait long long! But its like CONFIRM going already coz we have been doing our research and such. I simply cant wait to see Japan! So much things to see. The culture. The seasons. The people. The food. The cafes.
I even talked to one of my patient parents regarding Japan. Coz, they are from Japan. and this is wat they have to say "Just be ready for CULTURAL shock." and she laughed about it! She recommended us to go Harajuku. Hahaha. CONFIRM I WILL HAF A SHOCK OF MY LIFE THERE PEOPLE. BE HOLD~~~
But, whatever it is, if we are going Japan, we are going Naeba and den Tokyo. He wanted to go Hokkaido. But he said, its waaaaay to far to go Tokyo from there. Time wasted. So, yeah. I just listen. Coz, I'm not planning much! LOL! its my bday week people! let the husband do all the planning! coz anyway, he's better with holiday planning den me!
Well, kinda look forward to snow in Naeba and beautiful city of TOKYO! And he also mentioned, if tak jadi Japan. We go Maldives! Everybody going Maldives tho. So, I told him, no way we are going Maldives if we already decided on Japan! hahahahahaha! boring la Maldives. I mean, really, its awesome island and all. But, I rather be in snow for once and cold weather! Bila lagi nak main snow?! HAHAHAHAHAHA! REAL SNOW EH. Bukan snow mcm SNOW CITY EH! korang stop it eeeeeeh!
K cepat sikit next week! so we can settle the tix! HAHAHAHA. Yes I am very excited! Holiday with husband for the 1st time k! OK! We've gone for holidays together(with frens of coz!) before. But this is official. ALONE TIME WITH HUSBDAND DI NEGERI ORANG! hehehe.
And I haf to agree with Hafizah Yazed, saw her status in FB, I love it!! Come I copy paste for u which part I love most about her status;- "No doubt, most people love to go to Paris, where people call it the City of Love. But I heard so much of bad experiences from my friends who went there before. LOL! So, it would be great if we can educate the public on Korea & Japan instead. There are so much more than meets the eye." I LOOOOIKEEEE!
I posted tis few days back! Now, its less den 100 days to JP!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

1 tier please.

In 7 days time, my very own QUEEN SIZE BED will be here! OH MY GAWD! Time ticking too damn fast! But at the same time, I wana get things done and over with!
And I've got lots and lots and lots of weddings for November and December! Insya Allah akan ku hadir kesemua yg telah sudi menjempot kami! Hehe. Its all about the nasi minyak all weekend long eh! Hahaha!
Speaking of weddings! I've already booked my wedding cake with Farah Affandi! ALHAMDULILLAH! According to her IG, its not open for 2015. But I guess, she remembered me, becoz she told me to email/msg her on Nov.... so me, thick skin, email dia la! Hahaha. But I did told her, if belom open, I still can wait. But she doesn't reject me at all. AWWWWWWWW!!
So, happy that she answered all my stupid enquiry. hahahahaha! So, I've decided JUST 1 TIER CAKE - 8 inch cake! Yeah me! sticking to my simple "malas nak ade cake sebesar dunia" peragai! But, please don't judge hor. Her 1 tier cake looks like a million bucks k! I've got taste too! Nak 1 tier cake biar la cantik2 kan. Tak kan aku nak belik kat Swee Heng punya kedai cake kan!! Agak-agak la wei~~~ Hahahaha!
SERIOUSLY HAPPY! Macam dream come true or wat sia?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Latest cake as of today, 15 Nov 2014 as below.


Well, I'm gonna perah my kepala on the colour and such for both wedding cake and wedding invites @ 1 go okie! YOU CAN DO IT YANI! LETS GO!