Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I've got like FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY FIVE(number cantik eh...triple 5!) more days to go before the day comes. And I'm starting my kawin-kawin mode again....
Heres my latest QUESTION.
To have karaoke or not to have karaoke?
Sikit hari, sebenarnya saya nak sangat traditional band. but its pricey satu. Den, I will not be ard wen they are gazaling kat mph aku tu... actually I love watching and listening to them live. shiok! den aku takde whole day kat situ... and not to forget..... my mph is pretty small. so if i'm taking anyone of the traditional band... I need to pasang tent just for dem... mcm sikit ye buang duit kan? da lah mahal den nak kuar kan duit lagi utk tent.. aduuuui... bankrupppppt i!~~ haha. plus I dunno if my 2 bros wanna share $$ for the traditional band... coz drg ckp tgk budget... totally understand becoz both of them da berumah tangga... ade anak.... eh aku takdela k nak take advantage abg2 aku.... :)
Theres another reason for Y I cant have traditional band.... my catering. makanan will take up a lot of space. sebab well well well... makanan maha byk okie. I can forsee the stretch of food kat bawa tu. mane gan makanan melayu. mana dgn roti kirai live station. mane dgn makanan jepon dan ciner and clam chowder ye station(Asian Fusion food uh konon). and of coz not forgetting......... the popcorn station for kids since aku takde berkat utk kanak-kanak riang nie... AAAAA! ABIK KAU NYAH! ti abik traditional band tak nampak apa benda pon dari drg... kene block gan makanan. So NO NO NO Traditional band. OOOOUT!~
Den Sugar Pop was my another choice. just becoz of  Khairudin samsudin as the deejay/emcee for the day. But, the problem is....... I dun see much reviews pasal drg kat FB dia... anybody kalau da pernah experience or pernah pegi wedding org2 yg pakai Sugar Pop... apa pendapat anda? REVIEW PLEASE.
Den I go tru Kakak Kahwin-Khronicles punya directory(nasib baik ade kakak nie... kalau tak I really dunno when or where to start recce).... go tru one by one...... and ade la yg mcm da stuck kat kepala otak nie.... if yang lain2 ade yg nak recommend tu siler2 la nya msg.... hehe..
Den! YES! KARAOKE OR NOT TO KARAOKE. Coz mindset aku... kalau bleh tak nak memekak gn suara "SEDAP" dorang. kurang ajar eh aku. LOL! But seriously... some weddings tat I wen too... aduhaiiiiiiii...... nak tarik tak ley tarik ooooooi~ nanti orang ketawa kan paisey pulak kan... hahahaha. den.... kalau boleh.. IF ade karaoke... nanti semua nak nyanyi lagu pedih2..... jiwa retak.... alahaaaaai... happy occasion siuuuul. nak pedih2 kat majlis aku apa hal... LOL!!!
and I got another worry... what if I got a karaoke set up... den none of them wana sing? mcm mane!? coz side aku.. as in family aku takde la fanatic karaoke sgt... ade pon gitu2 je.. if side tunang aku tu lain uh... drg ade supporting sikit.... kecoh jgak drg... side aku the opposite... and I don tink my bridesmaid wanna sing too. drg pon nak glamour2 that day. LOL! tak nak jatuh image orang kata.. lol!! well, ade susah. tak ade pon susah. haix. pening pening pening.
nasib uh ade lagi mcm 555 more days for me to think carefully... but actually I really wanna book early.... lepas tu tak piker lagi.... u know wat I mean? hahahahahaha. kanchiong btb am I?!
So sapa2 nak recommend any entertainment yg best2 ke... msg saya ye.. terima kasih..


  1. hey babe, just to let you that sugarpop productions is a great choice. very professional, abang khai knows what he is doing and entertains the guests well!

    he was the emcee for my girlfriend's wedding last year! i blogged about it here:

    1. I shall consider again! hahahahahaha. actually dlm hati ni 80% mcm nak dia sangat2!! tapi lagi 20% tu suruh hold dulu.... HURHUR!!!

  2. hey,

    i just went to a wedding last sunday tt he was the emcee at. i think he's reeeeeally helpful. pasal my little cousins nk buat mini performance tapi his team weren't informed of it earlier. so they didn't have the song with them. tapi somehow they managed to get it for us and everything worked out in the end.

    so kalau customer service is definitely gd in my opinion.