Sunday, August 4, 2013


Eversince I've moved house 2 years ago... my room been empty without any ayat. Jus becoz I dun see any that I berkenan. si Geylang tu... si habibi tu jual... MAHA MAHAL. Tapi, of coz la its super nice. very the mcm arab kinda frame and all that.. I've always wanted u know those Chinese calligraphy thingy... but it cost a bomb. lol! i will search for one if we have our own house..
Well, then hari ini! Yet another discovery! Meet Kufinista !! I've seen their piece in one of my gf ye IG... and she gave the link and all in her insta.. Seri if u are reading this.... thank u so much babe! hahaha. i'm very impressed with almost all of their piece. Simple. used a lot of element to make a piece. colours and all. and me... being me... pretty much in love with their basics. that's the white and black piece.. will show abit of their piece lata part of the entry..
So! me! jus PM them like 10 mins ago before blogging this entry... and i'm waiting for their reply. i hope they still take orders eventho its ending of Ramadan and coming to Syawal... takot2 drg bz.. and even if they accept my order.... i dun mind having it by end month of Syawal. Totally understand.. its FESTIVE SEASON YAAAAAW! Hehe. Tak semesti ye hari raya je kene ade ayat kan... u know wat i mean...
Yezzaaaaa!! i'm super super happy 1 found one that is soooooooooooo me. and pretty much follow my room theme. oh ya. my room super boring la... mebbe with this Kufi piece of art... the room can bring a whole new meaning. hahaha. Insya Allah.
And here a little sneak peek of their work. Mostly in Allah Muhammad or Shahadah. More enquiry can PM them intheir FB.

(Facebook: Kufinista)

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