Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bake bake & bake.

Ya Allah. Cume Tuhan saja tahu bertapa malasnya saya & ibu saya nak bake this year. lol! so we decided to bake chocolate chips, Kuih kurma & Macaroons(which will my 1st time trying it) this year and buy the rest outside. since mum love this 1 shop in clementi. Started baking aft sholat Maghrib last nite.... And and and, MACAROONS turn out very very very nice. Ikot tekak saya sedap la.. kalau ikot tekak puan dan tuan... saya tak tau la oookieee...
Well, I've been wanting to try out the Macaroons for a very long time. But actually, it was soooooo simple. Thanks to my SIL and GF Kak Tot for the recipe and tips... U jus need egg whites, caster sugar, vanilla essence, chocolate chips, cornflakes and that's it! SO EASY!!!! I didn't know it will be that easy.
And this 1st batch goes to my Mister & family. Its like a yearly routine for me since I'm attached to him in 2010. Tomorrow, which is a Sunday, I will be really be at the kitchen the whole day baking for our own house. lol!! bagi bagi orang jgak.. jgn lupa buat utk rumah sendiri okie! And and and! I will be ber-iftaring at his place today! hahaha. mcm nervous. becoz I never buka at his place before. lol! da la I ni tak pandai masak.......... maaaaatiiii saaaaayaaaaa... lol!!! NVM!
Anyway, this will be my kuih raya for him and family this year. Sizes jgn ckp uh.. semua lain2 size.. tak tau mcm mane nak make it even. LOL!

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