Tuesday, July 2, 2013


orait! I so smgt tonite. i'm gonna share something that my kakak Z found just now at work! CAKEEEEEEEE! Anyway, she's getting married this Sept... so, aku nie kepo2 tgk2.. at the same time... kakak Z I nie tak lokek idea... so share2 lor... hahahahaha... and wen she found out the website..... kita mcm in love!
She already haf tat idea to have cupcakes... which she will be ordering soon... and also She actually wanted a cake to go along.. and she doesn't want to spend so much on a cake... which is very reasonable la.. coz dia nak buat for show je... u know wat I mean... I also haf the same exact idea... budget on a cake.... BUT, I've always love PULUT KUNING CAKE for my big day.... but wen she showed me the website.... mcm in love gn FONDANT CAKE pulak! LOL!!
Nevermind! I have all the time in the world to think abt cake...... come! let me show u the cake! mane tau krg nak consider! u know, "SHARING IS CARING! CARING IS SHARING!" Hehe!
lawa kan kan kan.... lol!!! aku yg mcm happy tgk cake2 nie... mcm too pretty to cut also. lol!!!! can consider la kan... another one yg bleh consider will be  "Annkhay's - Baked with love" pon not bad simple.. cupcake and tak ber-tier2 punya cake dia. SIMPLE! and nice! and cupcakes dia pon sedap giler nak mampos! I've ordered from her.. FANTASTIC! haha! okie!!!! still long way to go! still many time... mane tau in future ade yg lagi lawa and murah and reasonable and simple! u know wat I mean ladies?! lol!!!


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