Friday, June 28, 2013


"She is loyal and dependable. Always looking out for others; Meet Ili."

"She is very feminine who loves to make an impressive statement; Meet Jihan."

"She is regal, womanly and a real head turner. A joy to be with; meet Norkiah"

"She's high on positive spirit and is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in; Meet Muneera"
Lisa Surihani.
So pretty rite? I love this collection.... #LSforJovian ! TETAPI, apa kan daya..... saya ni now tak mampu. actually bukan tak bleh belik... BOLEH LA! cume, itu la... I rather save tat money for otha things. And i'm those kind yang tak ikot trend sangat. Its really not "DIE DIE MUST HAVE ONE JM FOR RAYA" thingy rite?
And oh yeah! I do have my own new baju raya otw. I think da nak siap pon! 2 dgn Kak Wan from Joo chiat. One of the best tailor lady I've ever met! abit pricey. but her work its sooooo neat! and that is important! and of coz! my baju tunang... jgn lupa... I pakai sekali je! so why not kan pakai  repeat for raya.. It really doesn't matter to me la... Its nice and pretty okie. Its not tat hodoh not to wear for raya. *smileeeeee*
(That kain from Thailand & Brunei)
Speaking about this! I'm really excited to get kain from Arab st with the girls after raya this year! Because! we will be KAK TOTs BRIDESMAID for her wedding next year May and she wanted us to be in RED! O to the M to the G! Its really rare for me to have red! I don't hate red. but to me, red, its a fierce colour and only certain type of person can stand out with tat colour. me?! SERIOUSLY?! Nvm kak tot! sayang kau ye pasal. aku rela!!! what kind of design? oh~ tat I haven't decide yet... I need to see what kind of kain we are getting den I can decide on the design! SEXCITED GILER OKIE!!!!! dalam kita 5 orang... dia la orang pertama yang akan kawin! WUHOOOOOOO!
And speaking of the girls! I CANT WAIT TO MEET THEM NEXT FRIDAY for our YEARLY PRE-IFTAR DINNER! This is tradition. we must must must meet once before Ramadhan starts. I seriously cant wait to meet the ladies yaaaaaaw!! YEAH YEAH! =D

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