Saturday, June 1, 2013

30th March 2013

Moment: Sarung cincin.
Hello June! Fast eh mid year already. AHAMDULILLAH. This year so far its a good year. SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH. And soon it will be our FASTING MONTH. Cepat betul.. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE HOLY MONTH. Inysa Allah...
Anway, exactly 2 months ago, 30th March 2013 will be the day to remember this year of my life as i became Mr Nerd(he's a IT freak. will gossip abt him one day.)'s fiance. I cant believed that this day happened. Supposed to be last year September 2012.. but long story... we postponed to this year lor... Alhamdulillah everything wen smoothly.
Lets recap(its gonna be a long entry i think.. be ready!).......
So we picked that date becoz it was a long weekend on that particular week.. so we have time to do last minit thingy like collect some stuff and such. And guess what! we did our trays decor on that friday nite itself. But i have to thanks to my 2 SIL and both my big bros to help me out with the decor. They so awesome la... TEAMWORK! And i have to thank my 2 orang kuat who came on Thursday to help me out with the ribbons and baskets. They are the best gfs! Thanks Kak Tot & Bonnie for the helped!
So wen the day came..... it was a joyous moment of my life... Bonnie requested to have a theme for my engagement.. so i chose BLACK and all 8 orang kuat came and looking so good in BLACK... Food was awesome...thanks to my awesome mummy who sponsored the food... THANK U MAK!!! Family members mostly turned up...its onli a family(plus my 8 orang kuat) occasion and thats y i dont invite any of my coliqs or kwn2 luar.. coz its was actually a small event...SORRY,  NO NEED TO BE KECIK HATI KALAU TAK DPT INVITE PON. HAHA! and everything wen perfectly AWESOME!
And oh! i do not engaged any MAK ANDAM for the party... becoz.... its just tunang.. and i dont want to waste so much $$ on it.... so last year, i tailored my silver kebaya(oldskool ok!) and its so pretty.. and i asked my very own cuzzy whos a MUA from M.A.C to be my so called MAK ANDAM. And i swear, her wonderful hands make me look like a beautiful bride(angkat bakul sendiri nampak!).. I req for thick brows and red lipstick and she stick with the plan... i really loveeeeee it i swear... Thanks to Kak J for ur work!
Hairdo? OH! i did it myself! betul punya nak cut cost. so i borrowed my coliq curler and just curled it up with hairspray. and yes! it look freaking awesome powsome! a very job well done by me of coz! hahahaha. again! i suka "angkat bakul" sendiri. menyampah rite?! hahahaha.
And i haf to thanks Mr K for letting me have ur awesome sony camera at the very last minute! so nice of u asking if i want ur camera... yes. i do not engaged photographer too! its not really necessary for such occassion. i mean. thats my point of view. Diff people diff POV ya! So my orang kuat MR N! He became my part time photographer lor! captured the moment that i told him to take. And he did a very good job! and most of my orang-orang kuat used their smartphones to captured the moments too! hahaha. see, i do have alot of photographers on that day itself! hahaha! and its FOC!!
And end of the awesome event... my SIL and bros helped out cleaning the hs.... Thank GOD we haf them to help us out with the messed up work.... I LOVE U GUYS!!!
so yaaaaaa~ itu la dia...... hari gemilang i~~~ hahahaha... small event je..... daaaa jadi tunang orang.... unexpected that i will be marrying Mr Nerd in 2015... Insya Allah!
so heres another few more pix to show off...... =)
(Make up done by Kak J. Hairdo done by me.)
(DIY Franc Franc hand bouquet.)
(DIY Black, white & silver Gift deco. Cakes & such mostly given by the family members.)

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