Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dias Dias Dias~

(the Bride & Groom. PS: I curik from her FB. SORRY!)
(Served with awesome spread of fooooooooood!)

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(the lovely dias. very mcm morrocan vibe eh!)

Well oh well. My ex watsons coliq finally married to her prince charming. i swear... her occasion very super the meriah giler nak mampos. feeling mcm dalam hindi ye wedding. so nice the feeling. and her DJ played all the hindi songs... like mcm nak joget gitu. hahaha. sorry. i love love love hindi songs. the oldskool ones...soundtrack from the best of best hindi movies like, "DIL TO PAGAL HAI" or "MAAN" or "KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI" (confirm salah spelling to all the title!)... BEST SGT I SUKA! Evenmy partner pon naik shiok gan the songs and member tambah makan oooooi~ maklom la... favourite dia pon. BRAYANI DUM~ anyway, thanks for the invite and congrats to u and ur mr! may u have a blissful marriage! <3
Lets go back to the title "Dias Dias Dias"... hehehehehehe! i'm very very very the fickle minded wen i wanted to choose the vendor for the dias + decor. So my option was Daundco. Way before i got engaged i have them in mind. becoz of their frameworks and details. and it look so neat.... and they were my 1st choice. But yeah, i have to think twice before i make any decision back den... so i asked for quotation... and its sort off way out off my budget. sad sad sad! But its okie....
Den i haf few more vendors that i had in mind. Like PU3, Comel Molek, ISs Wedding Designs and Farah Diana Catering & Wedding Services.. discussed with the orang kuat also.. becoz 1 of them took PU3 and the other gf of mine took Comel Molek.. and actually, kalau bleh i tak nak same same gan org kuat u see... i dunno la.. my mindset super weird! haha. Talked to mum abt it... den mum wanted to find something that will make our life easier... that is to get Deco + catering package! hahaha. idea kan kan kan...? coz we don want to see any misunderstanding from diff deco and diff caterer. coz believe me.. i heard few yg tak ley CLICK ooooi~ hahahaha.
So we cut down our option to PU3, CM and FDCWS. After PM dem in FB. Quotation given via email. And keep reading and research abt them. looking at the dias. looking at their food. asking around abt the vendors. And den we cut down again. and we left with PU3. haha. and gueeeesss whaaaaaaat! WE DIDNT PICKED ANY OF THEM AFTER SO MUCH THINKING & TALKING & ABIT OF GADUH DUE TO BEING FICKLE!
So, i saw this promo(i know i know.. no need to say.... sometimes promo tak ley caya... tul tak?) about Amani Weddings.. expo punya yg sikit ari tu... yg during the vesak day weekend. JENG JENG JENG!! I talked to my mum.... and she said lets jus go down and see what they have to offer.. oh yeah!! suka sgt dia ye package... and i love their food. i've been to few weddings who took dem and its soooooo delish! lain org ye tekak lain la k.. and their deco also... to me not messy... jus straight forward.......... u know wat i mean... but before heading down... i did my research...... so faaaaaar la kan........ wen i read in forums and their fb and their webbie... hard to see bad comments abt them... except from my coliq uh... mebbe its just unlucky... but tats only 1 bad comment from many tat i read from the web.. told mum wat i read and heard....
so we just wen down on a sunday.... and surprisingly, not many ppl turned up! so, no disturbance... jus us and kak fasha from Amani group. kak fasha was so nice.... explaining to my mum every package... and my mum... SUMPAH! dia pon fickle yg mane satu dia nak... and kak fasha need to explain again and again abt the package.. sabar je dia aku rasa.. lol! but we laughed now and den... we crack jokes and such la... so its not awkward... even her bro(oh yah... drg nie adik beradik bukak business nie... tapi boss is abg kino... he wasnt ard due to something) very funny!
after much talking.... and mum keep asking "yang mane kau nak?" and "kau pilih la.. kau yg nak kawin.." and "kau betul nak yg nie(as in 'u really wan them?')??"... end up... dia yg pilih package C.... hahahahahahaaha! coz she really liked the fact tat ade mkn malam as in mkn aft nikah... and ade live station and such.... and jgn terkejot la.. aku tgk menu dia.. pey byk makan! hahahaha. and i can forsee my non muslim frens will appreciate the food spread. u know some non muslims don like spicy food.. some dun fancy nasi brayani... cerewet. biasa la kan... manusia.... hahahahaha!
Finally, we chose AMANI WEDDINGS for my BIG DAY! YEAH ME!! depo done.. no la... i wont regret.. as long drg ikhlas... and as long i don hear any bad news abt them in BERITA HARIAN suah. yes.. i haf like 1 year 10 months to go. but i haf secured the MAIN thing in my list... actually i secured 2 more things in my list... i will share with ya if i'm not tired in a few days... happy me! not being kanchiong... but u know wat.. i'm not being kiasu... i've read forums.... many 2015 bride haf already secured alot of things! we are not kiasu.. we jus wanna secure the slots.. u know wat i mean BTB!?
So here are just few pix i'm gonna show off from Amani Weddings(deco):

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  1. yani! i read your blog! haha

    1. welcome to my asal boleh blog yann!! lol!!

  2. LOL! HAPPY PLANNING & banyak bersabar. it can be challenging when planning for your wedding! have fun!!1

    1. Insya ALLAH! thanks yann! and u... soon urs will be over!! no more headaches aft tat! <3

  3. Hi... do u happen to know whose d caterer for ur frenz brayani dam?