Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pre-warn introduction.

Alright! i'm back to blogging since GOD knows wen la. Haha!

Well, Hello EVERYBODY(if anybody reads this la.)!!! So basically, i wanted to be u know... a wedding blog since i'm kinda obsessed with wedding prep(aku tau lama lagi but wth i dun care..... hehe) and all. But dont worry! i wont be talking abt wedding all the time....

This BLOG will be basically abt my "almost" normal life.
This BLOG will be boring(CONFIRM TAKDE ORG BACA).
This BLOG will be "BOCHAP" full of typo and grammar and vocab error(which again... i dont even care! haha!!)
This BLOG will be "ROJAK". Malay + English languange. so jgn pening2.

Actually, i'm SUPER slumber. kadang2 cakap tak tgk kiri kanan depan belakang atas or bawa. So kalau tersinggung sesiapa punya hati tu, HARAP MAAF KAN la nya... kita nie manusia biasa.... ppl do make mistakes. CORRECT?!

And yes, i suka sgt dgn punya blog. dia power giler(tak lokek ideas. its like "sharing is caring. caring is sharing". get it? LAME! IKR!) and she was recommended by my BFF Miss N(dia pon obsessed gan kawin2 sebab member nak kawin next yr march! sexcited for her!). Seriously i love reading her blogs. Too many ideas and her links r so helpful. kalau krg tak percaya pegi click itu link. THANK U IN ADVANCE <3

Its like midnite now. Mata tak ley angkats. Introduction abt me? hahaha. ESOK JE LAH SAYA BLG. hehe.

Selamat Malam :)


  1. wahhhhh you're so sweet, please!!! thank you so much for your kind words, babe, you make me blush macam tomato dibelakang computer heh heh. anyway, i'll link you up at my blog okie??? :D

    1. Alamak! U baca!! I very paisey la!!! *Senyum tersimpul-simpul now*