Sunday, June 16, 2013

Inai di jari merah saga menyalaaaaaa....

I'm one happy lady yesterday at the EXPO. Lain yg aku carik.. lain yg aku book! LOL!! Sebab smlm mcm tak byk entertainment la kan...and smlm mmg tak byk vendor2 yg sewaktu dgn nya... nvm... tak important..
so we wen few rounds... and I saw Syraskins booth. I was telling my Mister if I could book her now.. coz dia kan mcm hotcakes jgak.... hahahahaha. anyway, I've bn her stalker for a very long time.. and I love hennas.... cuma itu la... aku ni tak pandai draw2.. Kalau pandai... I da mmg buat sendiri.. lol!!
So dgn slumber nya saya ke booth... and just straight to the point and I said "hi! can I book u now?!" lol!!! org slalu nya start of with "Hi.. may I know how much is ur bla bla bla bla.?" aku takde dok. coz as I said... I've bn her stalker for a long time.. so I know her price range! LOL!! she's such a pretty lady real life... and very nice... she suggested abt the timing and date yg patut dia come over to do the designs.. and she said... theres no hidden cost..
I even asked her a very stupid question "ade tak org da book for 2015?" hahahahaha. iye la... aku ni mcm kanchiong! but.... I know who I wan mah... so buat apa hegeh2 rite?! and she said "ade! oct nov bride 2015 da ade org book.." hahaha. well, i'm not the onli kanchiong bride 2015 okie...
ALHAMDULILLAH! Happy lil miss bride me! Another 1 thing I can add to my budget list. =)

Bridal Henna: Syraskins


  1. OMG aku pun thinking of using her, recommended by past brides. oh btw, Congrats!! Jgn marah eh aku pun kpo kpo looking for bridal stuffs in Sg while being away.

    1. hehe! no la... tak rasa marah pon beb!! hehehe. GO GO GO!!!!! Pakai dia beb!!! biler kawin beb?!?!?1 hehehehehe! now I kepo2!! heheheheehe!!!

  2. insyallah the time will be 22112014.. so ade lagi tym to decide the finalise details.. leceh peh nak cari, i mean aku bukan nye tau ape yang all the tradition stuffs. best thing mak aku lagi tak tau