Saturday, June 15, 2013

As for now......

Selamat siang kawan-kawan. This week at Singapore Expo ade Orange Exhibition's Wedding, Lifestyle & Shopping Paradise 2013. SAPE2 PERGI ANGKAT TANGAN PLS! *me me me me!!*
I nak pergi sane becoz I nak tgk entertainment.... very fickle at this point... becoz, aku nie sejap nak traditional band den sejap nak dj karaoke... den nak traditional band balik... den tiba2 nak dj karaoke balik! I got few in mind... as usual!  
Traditional band:
  1. Orkes Mutiara (still waiting for their reply)
  2. Munir Band Traditional (as for now its $1500)
  3. Sinar Fusika (as for now its $1700)
  4. Team Eva Luna Wedding Services (as for now its $1400)
  5. Gendang Akustika (as for now its $1400)
and the dj karaoke thingy I only haf Sugar Pop Productions with Khairudin Samsudin ... hahahahaha. fickle-ness over-loaded. NVM.... lets jus see see look look who is ard for the dj thingy over at EXPO. actually, I don't know who will be there in EXPO. Like mcm mak andam and deco and etc2 tu semua standard la kan... ade byk! krg tgk pelan2 k... ;)
Den since we are there da terlanjur ke sane.... mcm nak tgk those mcm pre/post wedding photoshoot. I've got nobody in mind tho. coz some said do it in JB... some even better..."malas nak pegi MY, Singapore pon ade.." haha! tgk dulu mcm mane... coz I just talked to the Mister shud we haf it before or after. He, being himself saying "tgk mcm mane... kalau ade duit kita buat la before... kalau tak... selepas pon bleh..." yeah I kinda agree.... I dun really think so much abt this photoshoot.. but as for kenangan sakes.... I jus wanna haf a studio ye kind of photoshoot. u know wat I mean?! hahaha.
Put that aside... Let me share my budget list with u ladies..... My budget list mcm "hentam sajalah"  punya list.. Just updated early of this month...
(Double click to see much more clearer version. Yang kursus rumah tangga tu errornya. bukan 2016, tapi kami nak abik 2014.)

I've got my MUA, Photography & Videography, Deco & caterer done! Happy with my choices.

Make up/Mak Andam: Peti Solek - The Bridal Room

They are like my 3rd choice in my list. Versari Ade was my number 1 choice. I love their songket and make-up... but after so many months... looking at their pictures in FB... Hairstyling drg tu..... mcm biasa je..... BUT I LOVE THEIR SONGKET LA. Alllaaaahaaaaai~ 2nd was The Wedding Brocade ... but 1 of my orang kuat taking them... so yeah... I tak abik la... coz I nie semacam... IF POSSIBLE tak nak same same gan orang2 kuat.... feeling mcm tak best uh... hahahaha. WEIRD ME I know... tapi TWB... Drg ye baju jambu2 also...

So why PSTBR? Senang cakap.. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THEM! hahaha! From make - up super nice... from my point of view la.. lain orang lain.. agree..? and i'm super particular abt kening... I want it thick and nice. lol! Hairstyling I just wan those swirl type.. or apa2 yg ade la.. coz hairstyling also plays apart.. since i'm not a Hijab lady.. And kak Yaya told me she will need at least 2 hours for jus hairstyling! abik kau! hahahahahaha! and baju dia is those mcm java2 type... BUT FEAR NOT! they are bringing in their latest design end of the year.. Dahlia collection. And I've seen the samples... its soooo gorgeous!!!! I cant wait to see the whole package next year! And yes. Syukur Alhamdulillah... they are available for both dates.. so scared I cant have them...They are super nice.. and my Tunang and kak yaya really can get along.. ley nyanyi ni drg time kita jmp. LOL!! and I got their promo price.  =)

Photo & Videography: Clearlens Production
(I cant find the updated ones in Youtube.. but just show anyway..)

I just wan something tats will be in a package.. Always wanted bliss... but mcm ter-OVER sgt budget. hahaha.. Tak apa.... so, after much considering~~~ We've chose Clearlens Production. and I've asked my very own senior from sec school to do the job for us for our big day!! he's werking under them... I've seen his work.. and I've seen his recent video.... I've always known he's good with his cameras la.. kenal da lama pon... hahahahaha! so, we jus need to decide if he will be the cameraman or videoman! hahahaha... itu he said we can decide later2 part... he said he's comfortable with both.. if dia cameraman... his otha 2 coliqs will be the videographer (oh! ade 2 videographer.. satu side Mister.. satu side I)... if he's one of the VD.... 1 of his coliq will be the cameraman... I think I wan him to be the cameraman... yes?! hahahaha. seeeee how!! and yes! they will be at expo till Sunday... can check them out okie!! and yes... its within the budget....hehehehehe! so happy!!
so deco and catering tak yah ckp la nya... da blg krg in the last post! LOL!! and u nmp tak merah2 tu... makna ye... itu TER-OVER BUDGET sikit! LOL!!!!!!
ALHAMDULILLAH! All the major ones in my list DONE!!!! da tak payah pikir byk. and Insya Allah la.. I wont change any of it... coz it will be chaotic somehow if I wanna chg... anyway... I love my choices... and tat is jus the best feeling in the world! hehehehehe!!
Till the next post! See u ard at expo if anyone of u recognises me! by the way, HAPPY SATURDAY LOVELIES!

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