Tuesday, June 11, 2013

alahaaaaai bunga ooooi

WASSSSSUP BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!! I'm in a blogging mood now. jus so u know. this entry I think its gonna be long! Before I start! just to let u ppl know, my dad is back home! ALHAMDULILLAH! Onli tat now, he doesn't want to eat those sweeeeeeeeeet food! EXCELLENT! hahahahaha!!
ORAIT!! BUNGA WILL BE THE TOPIC TONIGHT. Aka BOUQUET! Yes yes yes. I love bouquet actually. but i'm no minah bunga jiwang nie semua okie. I jus love looking at pretty bouquet! So! I asked my mister, "Nak ke tak nak eh order bunga... for keepsake. Simpan kenangan." jawapan dia adalah! "Buat apa.... ti bende tu tak tau ke mane.. dalam store room agak nya... kalau tak... kat dalam tong sampah." Alaaaaaahaaaaaaai~~ LELAKI KENAPA LA SUKA CKP GITU!! Tapi ade betulnya jgak.... sejap je bende tu akan di hias.. den biar di-habuk kan! LOL!!! tapi dok! lawa kan dok! aku suka giler! by saying that.... I have few in mind.... local and non local vendor... da recce dok! hahahahaha... kes takde keje kat keje...
Like local... u ladies can check out Heirblooms - Bridal Bouquet Couture / Facelift Design & Interiors / Cradle Love by Matyn + Mishel (just to name a few. I bet most BTB knows who is who la kan.) And they are kinda in my top list as for now for local vendors. Pretty flowers pretty flowers!!! And I super like Facelift Designs bouquet.. UNIQUE... like this pic showing below.. in love gan ni sgt sgt sgt! coz its purple(its my favourite colour! and I love brown too. and white too.)
And den one fine day, I was browsing tru my IG... den mcm tak tau tetiba ternmp tis bunga under tis hashtag #foreverfloral (coz i myself pakai tat # kdg2.).. si mentel ni pegi la mcm "click" itu #foreverfloral den itu la diaaaaaaaa.... discovery!! under tat # byk bouquet! lol! so pegi la tgk2! and ade pic tu drg letak webbie ETSY... HAPPY GILER DOK AKU! mcm org giler masok itu website... krg pegi tgk la.... byk bende la itu webbie.. mcm2 ade... tapi aku standard... under tat webbie... aku nampak 'wedding'... click and recce more la kaaaaan! hahahahahahaha.. mcm excited la pulak nk blg krg! hahahaha...
Ok! ME! Found this webbie.... and i'm gonna bet! ladies2 yg cerdik pon da discover this webbie or mebbe webbie yg jual2 bouquet2 jgak kan?! hahaha. takpe la.. aku blg je krg... hahahaha. and lets jus jump to the conclusion....... BYK YG LAWA2!! Yg Singapore aku tak pernah nmp(mebbe I potek. tak pernah nmp i dunno la.) .. yg nie! mcm2 kau ley nmp... seashells. papers. buttons. peacock feathers. etc etc etc!!!!!!! 
prices.. ade mahal nak mampos. ade reasonable nak mampos. ade murah tapi delivery ye mahal... ade bunga mahal tapi delivery murah.. ade da la mahal den delivery pon mahal! cekik to the darah betul. but i'm being patience(ya rite!)... tgk la pelan2.. smpai naik penat... but den.... I found THE ONE. lol! tak la... still long way to go... but OMG! I'm loving it... its soooo cute and so prettaaaaay! and aku mcm nak order je. LOL! This vendor is from HK... As for now, her bouquet aku berkenan uh! meh aku show off sikit!

alaaaahaaaai... chomel la nie... cantik kan kan kan... haha... in love in love in love...... suka sgt sgt sgt la! hahahaha. OKIE YANI ENUFF! LOL!! But its sooo cute!! hahahaha. k da da... mane tau next yr ade yg lagi lawa.... if berkenan den order.. kalau takde yg berkenan and mcm rasa mcm wasted jgn order... local or non local can decide later on... its just tat I just wanna share this beautiful bouquet la... alaaaahaaaaaai~~~~
and theres few more pic of bouquet which i'm in love with... from different-different vendor. tho. that I really think tat we cant find it in Singapore.... I mite be wrong.... forgive me if i'm wrong okie.... preetttaaaay flowwweeers up!



  1. your bridal bouquet choice from HK tu cute gila please!!!!!

    and omg yes ETSY IS EVILLLLL. sooooo many benda cantik and benda cute kan. bought gifts from my bridesmaids from there and now tengah gatal nak beli benda wedding-related lagi from Etsy. entah hape hape entah


    1. yes yes yes! bende dia YA ALLAH cute and lawa2. suka sgt! jadi giler kalau masok tat webbie.. hehehe =)

  2. At first I don't wanna spend on flowers tau. But after looking at the photos above macam nak je! Haha. But maybe I won't la cause for me I will throw them away after wedding or let it collect dust haha! Tak practical langsung! But tu la some flower bouquets are so gorgeous!

    1. true true... tak practical langsung... ini semua SETAN. hahaha!!! but lawa kan! YA ALLAH. Gatal sey mcm nak order! hurhur! =P