Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Team Bride"

What do u people think of badges?

I've been thinking about badges for quite sometime. Seen in some bloggers and pinterest. Its like easy for the guest to recognized who is involved in the event. U know what I mean? hehe. So, I found someone. But I wanted to source for more vendors who does this customised badges. Who knows anybody, anyone who does this. Let me know yah!
Talked to the MOH & Bridesmaid. THEY LOVE IT! So if 1 day I found a vendor, then I will think of the template. Like for Miss Fickle kita... she said that the word "BRIDESMAID" kena ada. DUUUUH KAN KAU! Hahaha. I hope I can add their names too. Like - "Bridesmaid" followed by their "name" on the bottom of the status. But kena ask permission la! Nama orang sey! hehehehe.
And of coz the badges will be for my family members too! DUHHHH! hahahahaha. Mak, abah, abang2, kakak2 ipar, nieces & nephews & few more orang2 kuat.
Anyway, just found out 1 of my gf also wanna do badges. hehe. best kan.... I MIGHT CHG IDEA la from badges to something else........ she dun mind if we have the same idea. BUT, I had bad experienced with a "BFF" before. so yah, ade story.. so mcm da "LESSON LEARNT"!
Lupa kan sejarah la nya... below are some badges that I'm in love with from Button Pin Badges.  Check them out!


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