Sunday, December 29, 2013

Snap & Print Guestbook Service.

Actually that point of time, I feel like taking AMN Snaptures to be the guestbook service thingy.
Then yesterday, in my IG, I realised that Zudyra Creations ye pictures buat saya tertarik dgn backdrops & props and the guestbook itself. Its like WOW!! So without any hesitant, I emailed Zudyra for the quotation. But too bad, they only open next year middle of March/April for 2015 weddings slot! BTB & HTB 2015 stay tune for their opening okie! So I have to wait and big possibilities price will go up. I hope not tat much la! *crossing fingers*.
Anyway, my gf pon recommend to take Zudyra due to their excellent workmanship. Plus zudyra nie member madrasah dia. So I think she knows her well! Haha. But I tak dpt la members price! LOL! THICK SKIN SIA YANI!!! Its okie with me. The guestbook mcm keepsake thingy. So in like 10 yrs time(if panjang umur, Insya ALLAH) bleh tgk balik and kekek2 tgk muka2 mereka yg masih muda. Hahahahahaaha! *imagine imagine!*
Show u all some pictures okie. CONFIRM LA KRG TAU SAPE DRG KAN! hahahaha. NAK SHOW JGAK LA! I DUNCH CARE LA!  



(Guest with awesome props & awesome backdrop!)
(Also doing for otha events too. I think Kak Nurul Aini & family look so cute here! And the backdrops?! SOOOO CUTE!)

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