Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Highlights of 2013.

Alhamdulillah! ITS 2014 ALREADY! Time flies yeah?! And exactly 422 days to go to the BIG DAY! Still thinking what kind of hashtag to use for our day. LOL! #DeeYaniKawin or #DeeYaniWedding or #FnSWedding . Shall decide it nearer to date! And still many things to get for the day! Insya Allah! YAKIN BOLEH! MALAYSIA BOLEH! YANI PON BOLEH LA!!
Semoga Allah memudahkan segala urusan kami. Amin~

And yea 2013 have been a good year for me. I couldn't ask for more! And personally, my favourite month for 2013 will be March of coz. Its bday month and so much happen on that month! Of coz theres other dates from diff month yang I suka. I will share with u all okie!

1st was the photoshoot with the girlfriends aka the #sungguhirritatinggfs. I think this was end January 2013. And the shoot was at One Fullerton. Pictures awesome pawsome la please! Come I show u! Its was cheap and good!

(And this kinda mark our 8 years friendship together. My favourite girls! Haaaaaix.. without them I'm nothing you know! **emo emo**)
Then it was my 26th bday + monthsary! I never been to USS before. On the 8th march(monthsary, bday was 6th march, it was belated), the boyfriend(at that point of time lom tunang! lol!), gave me a surprise by putting the tix on the table where we had our dinner! Totally shocked! So the 9th march was a Saturday! we go la!! Hehe. I really had alot of fun there! Takot okie naik rides dia... but the best ride goes toooooo *drrrrummmmroooolllllll* TRANSFORMERS UH! Huge fan of the movie. long queue tho! but tat was the best ride like ever.... rollercoaster? I ALMOST DIED! hahahahahahaha! SO SCARY AND HE CAN LAUGH BESIDE ME WHILE WE WERE ON THE RIDE. WTH! I think worst was the mummy ride uh... Dark and it was shocking... and mcm 90 degree down sia tu! once enough uh! hahahahahahahaha! YES I AM PENGECUT NAK MAMPOS!!!

After bday, 14th to 17th March - it was HOLIDAY with #sungguhirritatinggfs to BANNNNGKOOOK yaaaaaw! Its like my last holiday before everything else happen! Lepas tu kan nak kene save duit $$$ nak kawin! So I kinda told myself, tat will be my last holiday. If nak holiday, JB or KL je la boleh jejak. And seriously! I shopped till I go broke! hahahahahahahaha. Da nak broke tetap boleh shop! apa cakap!? mcm Gf Zimah said "DUIT DA NAK HUJUNG NYAWA TETAP NAK SHOP!" kelakar sak! We wen to few places including Chatuchak. Didn't take many pics! MALAS! Sebok shopping la~ But kinda sad tat the place where we stay wasn't tat good. I mean.... I LOVE STREEEEET FOOD! but the street food a lot of PORK and NON - HALAL food. Kinda upset about it. I tot it will be like PHUKET... Mane kau pegi... street food dia MESTI ade HALAL! But nevermind.... Tetap we go restaurant for Halal food okie. theres mcm 7 eleven also. so OK la kan! SEE! we good girls eventho we are not in our own country!


30th March 2013! WILL FOREVER BE MY FAVOURITE DATE! Finally engaged to my bestfriend, Fandi~ How I met him? Long story. But we were frens since secondary school days. And we decided to be together on the 8th September 2010. TRUST ME. It was a rocky start. We deal with it and now, its kinda smooth for us. SYUKUR ALHAMDULILLAH.
Showing of some pictures from the engagement day. #throwback #30032013
(Make up done by Cousin Jumizah.)
(I feel pretty after done with the make up and veil~ And oh! Bouquet DIY from Fran Franc)
(All orang kuat wearing BLACK! Suka!)
(DIY Black & silver theme: From her to him. Thx to Bros & SILs, Aunties & Cousin for the contribution.)
(Wooot wooooot blingy blingy~)
(Ini shot mesti ade kalau sesapa da kene sarung cincin~ HABIT EH~)

(DIY Blue & white theme: From him to her.)
(And here goes the family picture! LOL!! SUSAH BETUL LA~~~)
(Closed up. His mum & him chose by themselves without me around. SUKA! Simple yet elegant.)

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! 1st September 2013! Our most treasured date of all time..... To go HDB hub and get to choose our own flat(by appointment of coz!)! OMG! We didn't see this coming... Didn't put high hope about it. We did select few blks and levels just in case. But when we reached and he told us to choose which flat and level we were like WOW! Its really happening la!! OUR OWN HOUSE! Syukur Alhamdulillah. Its the best feeling of our life... and in few years time, Compassvale Cape here we come! New neighbours. New house. New everything. Looking forward. And Fandi, he's looking forward to his game room uh. Jmp mesti pikir pasal game room dia. I can see Arsenal flag and a lot of cd games and very the MAN room. LOL! And I also can predict his BFFs will be coming now and den to play games with him... If la his BFFs lom dpt jodoh by den. Haha!
(Hello neighbours!)
Whatever I mentioned above, its will be my highlight of 2013. BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE. Never ever forget 2013. U will be missed! Lets moved on now! 2014 u gonna be awesome for me right!?

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