Sunday, February 16, 2014

More updates!

I'm baaaack. Too lazy for updates.... But nari feeling-feeling rajin nak blog!
Hehe. 26th January 2014, I couldn't make it on her special day becoz I haf a cousin wedding to go. So sad I wasn't there for her day. But I was "THERE" as in she borrowed my butterfly hair thingy. So I was kinda there! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! MASIH RASA ADE DEKAT SITU. Well, gf looking good in Black (her favourite colour).. Congrats again! Counting down to 2016!
(Again! THIS POSE IS A MUST! Bouquet from us #sungguhirritatinggfs. U see! I was there. On her hair! HAHAHAHAHA!)

Now abit of my updates on wedding thingy.
So actually I wanted Zudyra rittteeee?! I blog about their service before. But I changed my mind again... Kinda out of budget wen she released her new price. Abit shocked and many2 feelings. At 1st macam nak grab je. Then I talked to mum... and pikir2 balik its just a photobooth + guestbook.. RIGHT?
At last, decision made. Text a friend of mine from AMN Snaptures. I did enquire about their quotation waaaaay before. Its really within my budget. N wen I msged her(again few months after I enquire)... she said the price still the same(At that point of time of coz. I heard now da naik. but not so bad la)! So, I booked them immediately without any thinking! No, I wasn't feeling disappointed that I never get to book Zudyra. But hey~~ They are new~ GIVE AMN SNAPTURES SUPPORT PPL! hehehe. Theirs are basics. But I'm sure in future, dorang akan berkembang and maju! just like otha guestbook service. INSYA ALLAH!~ :)

(check them out : AMN Snaptures)
One down. Many more things to go? I've got cakes and gubahans and door gifts and wedding invites to recce. AND OH! Kursus Rumah Tangga belom book lagi! planning to go after hari raya this year. 
Pening pening pening aku!!
YES! pre/post photoshoot. Kita da aim Kahwin Kawin Bridal. Enquire done. Talked to fianc√© done. Now waiting for another email from Kak Ira. We kinda aim for pre photoshoot with 1 pair of baju with MUA done by herself. Nak senang kan diri. Malas nak tukar2 baju and very reasonable price too. I mean, we don't want to spend so much on photoshoot la. We wanna do it just for keepsake purposes. haha! damn! we are so lame! LOL!!
CHECK THEM OUT! I LOVE HER ALL WHITE WEDDING GOWN. VERY MCM DALAM FAIRYTALE! OH YES! Aiming for white gown since I cant haf any WHITES baju for nikah + sanding day! yeah!!!

(Check them out : Kahwin Kawin Bridal)

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