Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Before I asked, I know, that they know, that they will be my bridesmaid. And Miss Gorgeous will be mine Maid of Honour.. Already talking about what they have to wear for the big day. At 1st, macam nak dorang pakai purple or royal blue. But den again, I wanna make it a little different la kan. Since pelamin nya putih, WHY NOT I HAF DEM AS MY RAINBOW! Thanks to pinterest and google image of coz. Da fixed da. I wont change this idea! NEVER~ *blueks!* 
They loved the idea of coz! They tak ley reject. Its the bride wish apa~ KORANG NAK KE TAK  NAK I DUNCH CARE OKIE! hahahahaha~ But den da settle. Cant wait to hunt their kain after hari raya. I want them to be in different colour, same fabric with the same design. SO EXCITED. I have everything in my head already. Visualising. Seeing them with me @ the pelamin and taking photos. Gonna be so freaking lawa la~ TO ME LA.
I dunno wat the tunang haf in mind for his orang-orang kuat. I haf things in mind. Tapi aku dapat agak dorang tak nak. Dorang ni ade susah sikit. hahaha. NVM! Let the GTB decide. As long, sempurna di pandang mata. Haha. and of coz, korang kene handsome2 jgak okie~
Soon, I need to hunt gifts for them la. Tanda appreciation. Hehe. Small gift je. Hopefully i can get it before the BIG day. Insya'Allah. I love my orang-orang kuat okie. Takde dorang, sapa la aku. :)

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