Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Flower power~

Recently, VDAY, the Mr. being so romantic. HANTAR BEAR BOUQUET LA SEY! hahahaha. didn't expect it at all. NOP! KITA TIDAK CELEBRATE & WE BOTH KNOW ITS HARAM. But he was just being romantic. And this will be the 2nd time that I have received a bouquet at work from him! once during my bday and 2nd from the VDAY la okie. So, PERAGAI NI SUSAH DTG NYA. Siap dgn card okie. tapi bukan dari kata-kata nya sendiri... tetapi! dari lagu. OKIE LA. JADI LA! SUKA! Once in a blue moon dpt bunga. apa salah nya~~~

Speaking of bouquet! I'VE ALREADY BOOK A BOUQUET. I mean, I made depo with Budgetnista Chic. Happy like one mad women I tell u! Coz, I've a 50-50 tots of having a fake bouquet. Den, I've always haf an idea to haf PSTBR complimentary bouquet only for both dates. But then again, nak rasa jgak bunga bedek kan!? Saper tak nak? hahaha. anyway, I mean and senang cakap... I WANT LA FAKE BOUQUET! So, heres an idea, nikah pakai PSTBR bouquet. den~ sanding whole day with the bouquet from Budgetnista Chic of coz! Suka sgt! And its within the budget. Gonna haf 12 stalks only. Colours not selected yet. Nak pilih baju den can visualise apa colour warna bunga saya nak! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY! =)

And Didicazli's wife pon had her bouquet from this same vendor too! =D

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