Friday, March 7, 2014

Gubahan services.

                Happy 27TH bday to me!
             W.E.F 06.03.2014.
A gift from my fiancé. Love it! Thank you sayang. I started late with Miss Pandora. But I still loveeee it!!!
Anyway, I've been wanting to have abg bob for the gubahans. sekali dia cakap dia discontinued the service my heart like mcm retak seribu uh~ tapi takpe. BUKAN REZEKI SAYA. Anyway, byk lagi vendor2 yg buat guhahans rite... so pelan2 carik THE ONE for THE DAY ... hehe.
Anyway, I have MANY in mind... Still waiting for their reply and den I will decide. But as for now, I'm so in love with 3. Purplesky crew , Ribbons & Ties and Elly Weddings gubahan services. So pretty. So nice. And this 3 replied and I still cant decide which one to choose! LOL! ALL OF THEM SO PRETTY AND SO NICE AND SO ME! LOL! All 3 different prices of coz. So yes! FICKLE!
How to choose? U know, I very kanchiong spider. Kalau boleh nak cepat2 book and settle for the service. So tak payah nak pening pening kan kepala nie.
So heres are the few tat I've mention. I bet semua org da tau sapa2 drg la kan! SO PRETTY!!!!! 

(Ribbons & Ties)

(Elly Weddings)

(Purplesky Crew)

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