Saturday, March 8, 2014

that dress.

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Ira from Kahwin Kawin Bridal for her time and explanation about her packages. I just LOVE how the way she talks and very easily for us to communicate. The AURA is soooo right with her. Tak ada segan silu and such.  I just love how she said "I JUST LOVE WEDDING DRESSES. BILER LAGI KAN NAK PAKAI?" Well, I totally agree with her! And that's y I picked her! Coz, due to PSTBR tak ade BIG HUGE POMPOMS GOWNS! At least I have a feel of both world! PSTBR & KKB~
Her packages super reasonable. And its really within our budget. So we chose 1 couple baju only la. Coz its very the leceh nak tukar2 to another dress. ITS OKIE. AT LEAST I HAVE THE POMPOM FEELING. She showed us her dresses and its more to the vintage style.. as she LOVE LOVE LOVE ENGLISH VINTAGE style. Guess what? I'm sooo loving her collection uh! coz I, love love love vintage too! Hehe. So very the happy. DEFINITELY THE RIGHT CHOICE!
The only thing now is to find a location. Plan A & also B. To have plan B takot HUJAN DA DEEEY~~ Coz that certain month mcm musim hujan! But fear not! IT WILL BE AWESOME NO MATTER WAT!
Looking forward this year will definitely be the pre-photoshoot towards end of the year! OMG OMG OMG! SCRREEEEAM PPPPL!!!
I cant wait to select and wear and doll up for that shoot! SERIOUSLY! Oh~ definitely my dress gonna have sommeeeee laaaacey paaaaacey feel just like below! hehe!

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