Wednesday, March 19, 2014

That month.

Alhamdulillah! Finally jempotan for this month dabis! I mean, dari end month of feb till last weekend pergi jempotan je! 4 minggu straight geng jempotan. No rest. hahahaha. But everything wen well for each one of the weddings tat we went too.... Congrats to the couples... Till Jannah InsyaAllah~
23rd Feb 2014 - Najip + Emi
They r my fiancé cousins. All married la kan dalam gambar nie,
OH YA! MAKANAN DIA POWER OKIE! Lupa pulak from mane. Tapi saya makan bertambah. Sampai future abang ipar aku ckp aku gagah. Hahahahahaha!
1st March 2014 - Siti Nuraini + Siddique
Our primary school mate! Beautiful bride la u SITI!
Next will  be Ain(the far left, long hair lady) in April.
It was awesome to meet the old primary school mates. Semua da berubah!
2nd March 2014 - Saiful + Jannah
My secondary senior and also my photographer for my wedding!
Y no them in the picture?! Sebab tak dapat jmp. we wen too early becoz we had another wedding to go too. So kita petik gambar pelamin sebagai kenangan! LOL!!!
2nd March 2014 - Ainiza + El
Its my fiancé BFF wedding. We wen for the solemnization the day before.
And of coz we need to go to the sanding day! hahaha.
Loving her pelamin. Its soooo her. Roses all over. and its fresh roses excuseeeee me!

9th March 2014 - Nora + Hakeem
Of coz! Its my BFF wedding la okie!
She cried during the solemnization which made me and faeza in tears too.
Terasa sedih + happy dia!
From Comel Molek. sape2 da abik.... GOOD CHOICE KORANG!!
their andam will be The wedding brocade! sape2 abik dia... GOOD CHOOIIIICEEE JGAKKKKK! lawa gils! I suka gils okie! And makanan from FD, pon awesommmmmeee~ ;)
16 March 2014 - Mawarni + Daniel
Last wedding for the month! Solemnization was a day before. So after work I kalang kabot go to her side jus to witnessed that moment~ And I'm one of her bridesmaid.
Keje senang. dia suruh tangkap jambu at her wedding and follow her everywhere she goes!
Made new friend with JJ. She's the one wearing tudung. dia awesome uh!
And she can get along with my guy friends.. ketawa je dia. super cute!
And oh! fiancé, he's the main Bestman. Bz dia for 2 hari nak jaga Daniel. hehe.
PHEWWWWWW! BANYAK KAN?! Mane dgn nikah. mane dgn orang sanding. mcm busy giler la kan! hahahahahaha! Tapi takpe. tak complain. cume penat je. Yang important. their wedding wen smoothly.... and all this making me all excited about mine wedding. I can forsee BANJIR during my nikah day. DEFINITELY.
Last but not least! MUKA KITA 2! During Nora & hakeems photoshoot. Dorang bz gan photographer. Kita bz gan "photographer" kita yg pakai Iphone abik gambar kita. Feeling2 pre-wedding photoshoot. Ilham dtg dari pinterest. "Photographer" dgr ckp aku je. And this pictures in my IG macam popular sejap. *feeling proud* LOL!

"Meeting you was fate. Becoming your friend was a choice. But falling in love with you was beyond my control."

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