Sunday, March 23, 2014


So today, I jadi PA for my childhood girlfriend. following her ard to send some wedding invitation cards to our primary school girlfriends. Sampai sesat. Orang tu tinggal Ghim Moh, we semgt go Holland. LOL! Totally 2 different place... yet so near to each otha. SESAT OKIE. NVM!
When I received her card today... I was totally impressed with her brother work. OH MY TUHAN! Tidak dinafikan adik dia mmg talented. Well, budak La Selle okie. don't play play. His an awesome photographer too. Looking at her pre-wedding shot taken from her bro.... IMPRESSED GILER LA OKIE!

Fresh flowers okie dalam gambar ni. sungguh JAMBU!
And that said, I cant wait for my own wedding card. Well, saya punya takde la FAB mane kan. Saya punya normal. OK OK BABY JE. Visually I know wat I want. Definitely ade whites. Definitely and lilac(lighter purple). MESTI ADE PURPLE. Alaaaaa... favourite colour. Macam tidak boleh di pisah kan...... sumpah!
Vendor in mind will be AKad .. cheap cheap good good. Local vendor. Tak payah nak merantau ke JB for wedding cards. Havent make any booking yet. too early la kan.... But yeah.... theirs is seriously murah uh... tak percaya... korang pegi FB dia.... coz, I'm those type yang tak nak membazir duit on cards. IMPORTANT ITU ADDRESS LA OKIE. takde address mcm mane makcik2, pakcik2, colleagues2 nak tau mane MPH aku tu... da la terselit. aku pon tak suka mph aku nie...... apek taxi pon tak suka. hahahahahaha!
So here, I google on wedding cards. ALL ANG-MOHs wedding invites la kan.... For inspiration only... love it!

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