Monday, April 7, 2014



Congrats to my childhood / neighbour / madrasah / primary school GF (senang kata aku kenal dia dari umur 5 tahun la okie!) , Nur'Ain on her BIG DAY! So pretty she! I super like her make-up and baju from Effa Yashin ! LAWA LA SEY! GO CHECK HER OUT! Her pelamin by the famous Comel Molek team of coz! Everything about her wedding its sooooooo her! and yes, the background for her photobooth was done by her bro... macam Jentayu feel kan! super suka la! CAN I HAF UR BROTHER TO DO MY BG TOOOOO! PLS PLS PLSSSSS~ Hahahahaha. anyway, her brother super creative la. From card jempotan to her bilik décor to the background!? damn! such lucky sister to have him! JELES! =p
Yes, I kempunan henna from Syraskins! cravings fulfilled! Got it during her henna night! And I sempat tukar my appointment time gan dia next year! coz initially it was supposed to be 12 noon. SIANG KAN?! So, I told her to changed later timing... Alhamdulillah~ theres still slots in between.. so she changed it to 4 pm next year for my bridal henna! WOOOOT WOOOOOOOOOT! I simply cant wait!!


The Bride kene blindfold and kene dgr lagu kuat2! Thanks to her Maid Of Honour, Dayah, for this mission! hahaha!
Pictures below are just few of us camwhoring and also wat happen during the party! And yes! Thanks to Od yg sanggup masak kan kita walaupon dia sakit! Churros dia power!!!!!


DIY Décor by us!
Opening up the presents from us!
Ini part touching. Dia baca and breakdown!


Maid of honour & the bridesmaid

The theme as u can see, its Masquerade Party and colour theme we chose Red and Black! But kelakar nya kita tk pakai sgt bende mask tu. OLEH KERANA ITS MERIMAS KAN! Lol. Pakai time nak abik gambar je. Venue is The Sentosa Resort and Spa. Coz we got it at a cheap and reasonable price coming from a website. thanks to irni who've done the searching and booking of hotel! and also thanks to her for being our financial person. She got everything under our budget! AND EVERYTHING TURN OUT AWESOME! And of coz la the bride suka giler. we do this all for u Fit! Hehehehe!
If only I could show u guys her entry to the room. LOL! damn funny. Problem is... I dunno how to upload from here coz the video macam big size. so just forget about it la k! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, all we did all nite was just chatting and laughing and being emotional. Coz we haf no games just becoz we all sucks at planning games... Lucky thing the bride was just fine with just chatting and laughing and being emotional! OH! CAMWHORE ALL THE WAY! Coz the bride brought along the #gopro thingy! so apa lagi! what u see here its like few of hundreds picture of us k! Belom termasok selfies okie~ VAIN VAIN VAIN!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
It was a nice staycation with the girls with not a single man around. just us.... GIRLS. Cant wait to meet them again for the final meeting(together with the boys-the bestman of coz!) for the bride & groom big day! counting down the days..... Ya ALLAH cepat betul masa berlalu......!

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