Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1 Syawal 1435.

ALHAMDULILLAH! 1 Syawal 1435(28th July 2014) mark another 7 more months to the big day. And last yr to be single during raya! But I'm here not to talk abt the big day... only(masih uh nak selit pasal benda kawin!) that we already booked the marriage course under Art of Marriage for this upcoming Oct slot. I heard a lot of good reviews abt them... and actually, 2 of dem is my 2nd sister-in-law old friends.... she said they should be good. plus, I no need to wear tudung... Bukan nya apa... I'm just not comfortable in wearing it for 2 days... eventho, I know, I have this calling of wearing tudung lately.... we will see how.... I really wanted too. but I know I'm not ready... I don't want to be those girls yg macam "2 minit" semangat... or follow trend kind... nak berhijrah biar betul2...betul tak? okie. enuff! lets go to HARI RAYA!
Standard... yearly, rumah pertama pegi rumah nenek kan? But, nenek I lain.... every yr... she will be at different places... like 2 yrs ago was my place... den last yr was my aunt place... this yr will be my uncle turn.... And ya la... only satu rumah je pegi... Saturday nie baru la kita betul jalan raya as a keluarga.... looking forward! Sebab nak pakai kaftan baru dari Kebaya Queen! Me just love kaftan. senang pakai... bottom can go with anything... as for me... I'm gonna wear Mermaid skirt from Soda Gembira(which I already wore yesterday! heh!) ... Semua online this yr.... oleh kerana malas nk pegi menjelajah ke Geylang.
Guess my raya mood this year abit down... mebbe due to wedding.... feeling excited more to the wedding prep instead of raya....but glad to meet the little one... giving away duit raya to dem... and yes, my uncle forced the little niece nephews and cousin to play the bunga api di siang hari...... seriously?! lol!! Another news! my cousin is pregnant... 5 months already.... another additional to the family soon huh! yeay!
And I very jelak with makanan raya already.... kuih raya sentuh 4 ke 5 biji je okieeee~ lol!!! takde mood langsung la okie! tak buat langsung kuih raya this yr.. another reason y I didn't bake... becoz the oven decided to died on me.... dia kepala angin tau. sejap ok.. sejap tak okie. KRG JGN BELIK DIGITAL CONVECTIONAL OVEN. SUMPAH TAK BAGUS! Buaaaang duit big time! So mostly belik kuih kat pasar or kakak-kakak ipar kasih and mostly kerepok2 kacang2... hahaha... bagus jgak la.... kuih byk2 nanti bazir!
So, here are jus some of the pictures taken @ the uncle's. SELAMAT HARI RAYA KORANG! SALAH SILAP KE TERKASAR BAHASA VIA BLOG NIE.. AMPUNI LA DOSA2 KU. HEHE. ONE LOVE!



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