Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Don't worry... Ada BIMLA!"

YES! ITS ALL ABOUT BERKAT! Haha. Its really random yesterday when I went to Geylang with my mum and aunt. After walking ard... I told dem "lets go to Bimla... nak tgk2 berkat apa drg ade..." So drg pon ikot and tgk2 la berkat. And let me tell u this, ITS DAMN CHEAP LA. But theres a reason behind this..... they gonna stop selling berkat soon. So they are having clearance sales! Ini kira kan while stock last la... and its already LIMITED. Da tak banyak.
Mak always wanted to give crystal kind of berkat. Dulu2 lagi aku disagree.... mebbe becoz its really out of my budget....... its toooooo expensive..... Coz my budget is around $1500 for berkat(coz I'm not gonna get it at JB tats why I put that kind of budget. Knowing its SINGAPORE. Haha!).. Den I found this berkat online - its a Fan from Berkat Inc. Its so pretty actually and its selling at $1.30 come with the organza bag... But mak mcm 50-50 keep saying... kau nak, belik la.... den I dunno why I keep holding on to it. Never make any depo but the vendor was nice saying I still can think abt it. She already warn me tho if i tunggu lama2 takot harga dia tukar coz dia ikot US price... Think punya think punya think.... we end up buying berkats at Bimla!
We saw crystal kind of cup(???) selling at $1.80...... I was like.....eeeerrrk~ Die la if really mak wants it. lol!! I know I sound lokek... tapi BUDGET tetap BUDGET babe! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Den the salesperson, Wati, was so nice.... melayan kita... and she said "jgn risau... kalau u beli more... u will get special price...." straight away I jump the question to "If I get 1000, wats the price like????" gan muka2 ghairah... actually I was expecting she would said $1.50 each. BUT HOR!!! I get it at $1.30! I WAS LIKE WOOOOOOOW!!! CHEAP OR WAT!!!!! Then I told my mum and aunt uh we go walk ard 1st den comeback .. let me think abt it.... the 1st person I msg was my BFF Najip. He said its damn cheap and its nice and he said its like "VINTAGE-Y" kind of crystal. LOL! "VINTAGE-Y" eh jip! LOL!!
So, again... kita masok BIMLA.... and my mum and aunt buat muka tebal asked for more discount! LOL!!! KLAKAR LA NI ADIK BERADIK! Bising! Bising in a good way! and my mum asked for $1 which MANE NAK DPT MAK OI $1!!!! N Wati being tabah and sabar.... she said "Okie last eh cik... saya boleh bagi $1.20." HAHAHAHHAAHAHA.... Ada la jgak more discount! Dari takde kan! And also it come with the box! Kan mcm worth gitu! Tak abik saying kan?! And dia cakap da tak banyak da nie benda...
Happily purchased my 1000 berkat - crystal cups. Can see how my mum looks like! Happy sangat! Coz mcm cita2 dia tercapai! Its under my budget. WHY NOT! But theres a downside to this..... Purchasing now means they need to send 1 week aft my full payment. Which dey do not do deposit and even keep it for us...... So smlm I haf to pay full and I'm getting it this coming Friday! WAHSEY! Den I need to keep my berkat for like 8 MONTHS?! Hurhur. And I will be receiving 20 cartons?! Mane la nak letak...... But mak said its okie... boleh make it.... 8 bulan je kan?! Shud be fast rite?! HAHAHAHA.
Beban berkat dabis!!! NEXT PLEASE!!!!!

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