Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy moment



ALHAMDULILLAH! Finally, she's married to her bestie! Hehe! It was a beautiful day for this beautiful couple. And we, the orang-orang kuat, Team Groom & Team Bride of #DivaDynoWedding sungguh awesome like tat lor! Tak percaya? Please ask the DJ. Haha.
I swear it was 1 of the best wedding being a bridemaids. Maybe, this time we are super involved with a wedding. We laughed, ate, camwhore mcm nak mampos and we even cried together. her speech was priceless, lagi2 for her Maid of honour aka her Bestie. Before she start she already crying... and her last sentence I will never forget.... "Eventho aku da berumah tangga, don't worry, I will always be there for you." CRY CRY CRY!!! Aku yg feeling coz her maid of honour was beside me hugging.... aku da la crybaby! dia nangis, airmata I pon flowing uh!
Nasib uh aku da takde Bestie perempuan lagi. Haha. I'm being frank here. TRUE STORY GANG! Its really super duper waste of time having few bestie and end up kene stab by the back. OUCH MUCH. Put tat aside. Its super over for this few. Kalau tak aku rasa dia/dorang da jadi Maid of honour aku and speech aku pon agak nya mcm si Fit nie...... How I wish I could be there for someone like her bestie. TOO BAD YANI. But hey, I've lots of goodfriends & childhood(consider mcm BFF but we seldom meet that's the only problem here. haha!) frens to keep. The ones which matter the most.
Well, as for now, out of 6 girlfirends. 2 down. and 4 more to go! And guess what?! NEXT WILL BE MY WEDDING! Damn I'm super excited and pretty stress sometimes. Finance problem. But! its all good. wedding its all about $$. In God will, insya Allah I can pull it tru. Another 9 months it will be over! and u can SHOP already! LOL!!! Yah, my problem is I like to kinda waste money! Nak shopping je. But nak buat camner? Kdg2 step mcm dlm bank tu takde duit la kan. padahal padahal la! kene act sikit!
On another note, Ramadhan is getting nearer. R u guys ready?! Hehehe!


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