Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's day in JB.

Mother's Day... kita anak beranak + tunang saya pegi JB! Main purpose is to go there is to hunt for wedding stuff. OF COZ LA DPT. And mak aku dpt barang2 yang dia nak for a very long time. Whatever she likes I also like la~ coz its floral. and mcm feeling2 country. And I told my tunang tat nanti ade rumah sendiri I wanna go there and get the lamp. ITS SUPER CUTE! I'VE BEEN WANTING TAT THING FOR A VERY LONG TIME. Since bilik ni kecik... tak dpt la letak side table beside katil nie. kalau tak.... da belik. Its so cheap!!!
Anyway! We went to Angsana Plaza & Jakel! Hunt for bunga pahar and at the same time carik tempat bunga rampai @ Angsana~ ALHAMDULILLAH. Dapat jgak both~ Really really good price. Actually for bunga pahar..... I liked 2 of the design. TAK ADE PULAK YG DESIGN AKU NAK. Kalau nak, boleh, tapi abik from display. SIGH! For both design pulak tu dia takde stock. APA LA NASIB. Den she knows I wan a particular colour, she being an awesome saleperson said she got something new! Plus dia ckp, dia baru nak display, and it just came in!! Haha! When my 2nd bro and my sis-in-law saw it, terus ckp "aaaaaa abik uh nie... lawa!" Very me! the pahar represent me! LOL!!!!!! Bunga pahar pon nk kene represent me! Well of coz la! Kalau pahar and me no connection, den its not the ONE! Its jus bunga pahar YANI! STOP IT EH KAU! So how much I paid for the pahar plus the stand for it? its only RM 96 that is S$37.13(according to the currency converter app uh!!). CHEAP OR WHAT?! Actually, my budget is S$200 for just bunga pahar. But this is really unexpected. CHEAP CHEAP GOOD GOOD. And bought the holder for bunga rampai/potpourri. Which is RM 70 that is S$27.07 ONLY for 100 pieces. WAH~~!! Singapore mane nak dpt gini macam ye pricing eh?! I mean, kalau ade mintak maaf la. TAPI INI MURAH GILER LA FOR ME!
Oh yah! excited sangat sampai lupa nak bilang apa kedai. If u ever wanna go Angsana plaza, please please please pegi this kedai "Pusat Pengantin Kraftangan Impian" - according to the receipt la... actually aku nampak kedai dia ye nama IMPIAN je.... haha!! Its at level 4....Dia mcm dekat pertengahan level 4. Kedai dia berselerak sikit. But okie uh! Byk bende ley dpt jgak. dengar2 dorang ley buat kad jempotan sekali... Tapi me, malas nak patah alik JB.... So, gonna have local vendor doing it for me. =))
Then I told both my brothers I wanna go find kain at Jakel. Oh my God....NYAH! KAIN DIA MURAH NYAH! Hahaha. Bukan nya apa... Happen that day kita pergi ade promotion... I think its till 18 may la... if I could remember the banner.. kedai ni was introduced to me from my childhood GF yg recently kawin. Dia kata its a must to go there and tgk2 kain2 dia. SO~ I listened to her. Before that, I told my fiancé to bring extra cash just in case nak belik kain. Kain for dulang. Hell yeah we got out 1st barang dulang @ Jakel. worth every penny la!
Before heading Jakel, we had subway.... tengah makan sandwich dia tu, me and fiancé discussed nak tgk colour apa utk dulang... Den I told him I macam nak silver.... den we remembered! our baju tunang already silver.... tak akan la nak silver lagi... so we decided on the otha colour... which both me and fiancé tak pernah ade. Da sampai sane, the kakak so good. she asked what kind of kain am I looking for... den I told her lace.... at 1st tu macam nak prada lace kan.... den tetiba, hati ni nak carik those nice2 lace.... yg mcm looks good on dulang. I dunno why suddenly la nak normal lace instead of prada lace. NO NOOOO. Not becoz of the price.... but wen I visual it on my dulang.... its looks better on normal lace den prada.... tats from my view la... LIKE I ALWAYS SAID...... Lain orang lain dia ye likings. Right?
So kakak ni bring us to all the ranges for lace @ level 2. Harga dia semakin lawa semakin mahal. Tapi, ade mahal ye price... kain dia mcm tak lawa pulak..... lain uh aku... mebbe I jus love simple lace.... looks sweet on ya~ don't u think so. byk2 labuci labuci and manik manik nie mcm merimas kan mata aku. LOL!! And she was nice taking out the colours we wanted and matchy2 gan liner dia. Dia layan la sey! I suka k! Its on promo..... so, its RM159 for the 2m lace and 4m lining PLUSSSSSSSSSS another 5m of another lining which can be made as baju kurung lelaki! BUUUUUUUT, the boy doesn't wan tat material for his kurung telok blangah..... so, he chose SB Line ye kain....... which cost RM 112 for 4m... Which is also on promo price. MURAH KAN NYAH. Since the boy doesn't want the 1st kain tat was in a set with mine..... we decided to give it to my mum uh! in different colour... Den we go buy for her the lace border to go with it.... its soooo pretty. coz my mum chose the lining & borders in my favourite kolor! She said she wanna do kurung Pahang and wear it during my nikah. touching pe mak aku nie! Anyway, if I tak abik the promo set, drg akan kira by M... so it will be abit more pricier. Even the kakak said, kalau aku tak abik the promo set, i will be so rugi..... so ya la.... another present for my mum for mother's day gitu utk dia... =))
So yah.... we spend everything @  RM344.50 which is S$133.24..... THANK GOD FOR THE PROMOTION LA! 3 kain plus 1 border? with that kind of kain? that pricing? MANE NAK DPT NYAH?! KAU CKP GN AKU SIKIT. Kalau belik kat arab st..... 2 baju je da brapa sey?! Even my sis-in-law pon ckp murah..... coz she did the calculation with me during pilih2 kain tu... and she macam regular dgn arab st. So wen she said its cheap, WE BOTH GRAB LA! hahahahahahaha!!
Kalau tak promotion agaknya berapa harga dia nya? So lucky we wen tat weekend la.... mcm rasa nasib baik. But I also heard... drg mmg selalu ade promotion2 gini...... will return aft kahwin kot. hahahahaha! geram k tgk kain2 dia......... byk yg lawa-lawa....
So happy! Only left with few things in my list! ALHAMDULILLAH. So far so good ppl!!!!

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