Monday, May 5, 2014

Badoque & blingy-blingy stuff.

Last Friday, I have the best meal ever! Alhamdulillah, due to BFF Faeza got promoted, she decided to belanja us at Badoque! Haha. It was my 1st time @ Badoque. And we wen to their new outlet at Upper Thompson Rd. Its super delicious! We had 4 main course shared among the 4 of us and appetizer.

I swear I forgotten the name of the drink. Anyway, its mine & najips.
SUPER REFRESHING. Purposely told them to separate the vanilla ice cream. So we can get the actual taste of the drink. SMART EH~! Its all najips idea. haha!
Ice Salted Caramel for Faeza & Noi.
Our appetizer - Potato Wrapped
If u love prawns, u can try this. Not bad. The sayur at the side pon sedap!
My choice - Crispy Skin Salmon
This is too die for. It just melts in your mouth. The Mash & Cream just perfect for the fish.
Noi's choice - Seafood Aglio Olio
I dunno wat oil or sauce yg si noi mintak. once da campur, adumak! pedas!
Tapi its a good pedas~ coz its soooooo sedap!
Najip's choice - Sabsuka
This is nice. with the bread and all. Its perfect!
Faeza's choice - Beef Rib
Not a big fan of daging. But its nice. Haha. Sorry uh~ I really dunno how to appreciate daging uh~
Almost done with all.
Muka ade senyum lepas dinner.
We hardly see each otha but we will always have time for US. There will always be a lot of talking and laughing and makaning wenever we meet! Will gossip about ppl too. STANDARD. Like u guys never done any gossips before. haha! And wedding update. Noi is already married. so she shared her new life with us. Its a good thing to have someone who is married in the group. Making faeza and me well prepared. HAHA!
Anyway, faeza will be married 3 months after mine! Yeah! So tinggal la najip sorang! cepat2 dapat partner please!! And faeza also booked Amani Grp for her big day. 1st thing I told her is NOT TO TAKE SAME COLOUR AS MINE! Lol! Which will never happen la. her colour will be more princessie and mine will be more to elegant(????). Haha.  I dunno if its elegant or not la. But in my mind and imagining it now at the MPH it does seem elegant. LOL!! 
1 MORE UPDATE! I ALREADY BOUGHT MY WEDDING HEELS!! DAMN RIGHT! I've read bloggers bought wedding heels. den I macam jeles I pon belik la. Hahahahahaha! Thanks to my fiancĂ©... he actually said to go in to the store and he actually picked the heels himself. I really like his taste. he knows wat I like and don't and I didn't expect that I will bought it like yesterday! hahahaha! dia pon hasut ok. he said something like this - "belik je now, nanti takot lain hari lain bulan takde pulak yang nie. ini lawa, I berkenan u pakai ni." dia tak kisah dia nampak pendek dia ckp. LOL!! OH! I LOVE U MR! 
I always wanted Anna Nucci. But, I wen in few times, but looking at the price its like tooooooo over my budget. But its nice! mebbe my taste ade atas sikit kalau pilih kasot kat kedai dia. LOL! I love blings. The more blings the more expensive it gets. DAAAAAMNNNNN IT!
JENG JENG JENG! So where did I bought my DIVALICIOUS BLING WEDDING HEELS?! Pazzion je. Kedai dia pon byk blingy-blingy. But the one I chose, not really a lot of blings. BUUUUUUUT~ It  does looks good on my little tiny feet! But its OH SOOOOO GORGEOUS! Cox it just sparks wen u walk. LOL!! Its below 100 bucks. how cool is tat!!
Kiasu kan belik siang? but fiancé, he said, I can wear it for our pre-wedding photoshoot in October! Okie la!! 5 bulan terperap kat dlm kotak tu. hopefully tak rosak. aku seal maha seal tak nak dia rosak. Hehe. HAPPY NYA! SMPAI AKU BUAT RUNWAY WALK KAT DLM RUMAH AKU NIE. SMPAI MAK AKU CKP AKU GILER. Thanks mum for ur support! LOL!!!
Sneak peek, purposely edit into black and white la. haha. surpise-surprise sikit okie. Nearer to date I show off! Tapi sesiapa yg regular customer kat Pazzion confirm krg tau yg mane satu pilihan ku ini. =))

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