Thursday, May 1, 2014

more wedding stuffs.

Its already May! Damn this year goes waaaay to fast isn't it?! Anyway, its like a rest day on Thursday and back to work tmrw den its the weekend. Y PH HAF TO HAPPEN ON A THURSDAY?! haha. I bet u guys feel the same way. Jgn tipuuuuu eh.. akak tau okie~
Weddings!! I only(not really la) left with barang-barang dulang, which we both decided to buy 1 every month starting from June(BONUS MONTH)! And 1st thing on the list will be the selection of wedding bands! No, we are not looking at Cartier or Love & Co or Tiffany & Co etc etc. We decided on the normal wedding rings. I have the design in mind, wondering if they do or not have it. If not, there will be otha range, DUH~ hehe. I'm not that cerewet type. As long it represent me - Simple & nice, that's enuff for me. I no need BIG ROCK just becoz I have a very tiny finger. haha! And its june! I hope theres a sale on wedding bands. SHOULD BE RIGHT? ITs THE GREAT SINGAPORE SALE! Total dulang for both side is 8. Not more not less. Its like during our tunang dulang. same amout of dulangs exchanged. so we doing it again for our big day. AND AND AND! We both booked Elly Weddings for our dulang. Yeay us!
Otha then barang dulang, I'm left with bunga paha, sirih dara, bunga rampai, card jempotan, wedding favours, wedding cake & pre-marriage course(waiting for their opening for this Dec 2014). Its like 80% of my wedding done! AND OH YES! KATIL! Gonna get it like after hari raya or something. But its like tooooo early to get a katil. Unless that kedai can keep it and send it on January next year. I do know some does that. But imagine if they cant keep... and den it was send to my humble small room, nanti tido sorang2, takde partner kat sebelah?! bosan uh. katil besar kena ade teman baru best! haahhahaha. mebbe I'm soooo used to my single bed la. I wonder how its like to haf your partner sleeping beside u at ur small humble room. y I keep saying its "small humble room"? Becoooooz, its damn small la. new house. small everything. wat do u expect. *roll eyes*
As for wedding cakes, still waiting for Spatula opening for next year slot. And at the same time, been looking at otha vendors too. I just emailed Farrah Affandi. I think her 1 tier cakes, its soooooo damn gorgeous. I've been her stalker since the day when 1 of friend re-post her work. VERY IMPRESSED! So, after so long, den I have the gut to email her. LOL to myself.
Follow her instagram : F A R A H A F F A N D I

DAMN NICE RIGHT~ I really love the fact that some of her cakes using the real flower petals and make it to a huge big rose like as above. I'm really impressed. Super impressed! And yes, I think I already decided to haf just 1 tier cake. I no need 3 tier cakes la. I mean, yes its oh-so-gorgeous to have that 3 tier cake beside ur dais. but to me, my very own point of view, no hard feelings please, I really think its really not a MUST to spend tat 400 - 500 bucks on cakes. u know what I mean. some even up to 800 or even thousands(this cake just came from 1 of my Drs mouth in my clinic sharing with me saying tat she dun mind spending 3K cake on her wedding . well, dia Dr. confirm2 la kan boleh afford~*telan air liur*). I mean, lain orang lain kehendaknya. Ini hanya my point of view. mebbe saya ni kedekut sikit la. hahahahahaha! Well, I shall wait for her reply. I hope its like within my budget tho. *crossing my tiny fingers*
Sorry, talking to much am I rite~? haha. till next time den.... =))

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