Saturday, November 15, 2014

1 tier please.

In 7 days time, my very own QUEEN SIZE BED will be here! OH MY GAWD! Time ticking too damn fast! But at the same time, I wana get things done and over with!
And I've got lots and lots and lots of weddings for November and December! Insya Allah akan ku hadir kesemua yg telah sudi menjempot kami! Hehe. Its all about the nasi minyak all weekend long eh! Hahaha!
Speaking of weddings! I've already booked my wedding cake with Farah Affandi! ALHAMDULILLAH! According to her IG, its not open for 2015. But I guess, she remembered me, becoz she told me to email/msg her on Nov.... so me, thick skin, email dia la! Hahaha. But I did told her, if belom open, I still can wait. But she doesn't reject me at all. AWWWWWWWW!!
So, happy that she answered all my stupid enquiry. hahahahaha! So, I've decided JUST 1 TIER CAKE - 8 inch cake! Yeah me! sticking to my simple "malas nak ade cake sebesar dunia" peragai! But, please don't judge hor. Her 1 tier cake looks like a million bucks k! I've got taste too! Nak 1 tier cake biar la cantik2 kan. Tak kan aku nak belik kat Swee Heng punya kedai cake kan!! Agak-agak la wei~~~ Hahahaha!
SERIOUSLY HAPPY! Macam dream come true or wat sia?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Latest cake as of today, 15 Nov 2014 as below.


Well, I'm gonna perah my kepala on the colour and such for both wedding cake and wedding invites @ 1 go okie! YOU CAN DO IT YANI! LETS GO!

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