Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Fierce tak the title? Haha. Jgn salah paham nya. Ini bukan gaduh or whatever. Its just a title eh! Korang sikit2 assume eh. buang please tabiat itu. PLEASE EH! LAST WARNING.
Let start with Kahwin Kawin Bridal. OMG. Pre-wedding shoot with Ira and her hubby was AWESOME TAHAP MAXIMA. Her make up. FLAWLESS HABIS! Siapa2 da pilih KKB, jgn risau. Dia awesome la. Her magic touch betul ye MAGICAL! And she is so chatty in a good way. Telling about her past. It was amazing la. she's in my age. and at this age, dia da success with her bridal and photography. really inspiring okie. Y can I be like her?! hehe. Rezeki and her hardwork paid off. u work hard and u will achieved it~ Macam aku. Chill by the beach je. HEHE.
Well, it was raining wen I was at their place on the day of the shoot. I was praying so hard it will stop. and it finally did stopped. ALHAMDULILLAH. It wen well. I feel mcm superstar. People around stopped and watched. Some even took our photo with their hp. So shy. REALLY SHY K! But I cant be shy. Coz while they are taking our pictures.... Ira and her hubby also taking our photo and busy asking us to pose and such. "wiggle-wiggle." "buat muka step." "K krg laugh" "Look down and smile.". Tats jus how they roll with their bride and groom. Hehe. I really love the dress that I've picked. Fiance also really love the baju he took. I really cant wait to see the final product. I HOPE I REALLY LOOK GOOD! Seriously. Takot je muka mcm budak bacin. Hehe.
Anyway this is how I look right after she's done dolling me up!
Whoever followed their FB or IG mesti ade nampak muka I yg bacin tapi flawless nie! SUKA SGT I! She really go for brown, bronzy all natural look for me! And just letting go of the hair and curl it up. Jus the way I wanted. And I never even tell her how exactly I wanna look like. But see! I tink she totally gets me by not asking! hahaha! EH?! And look at that brows. But my fiancĂ©, end of the day ckp "mcm minah rep je." BOYS WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE TRUE MEANING OF NICE KENING LIKE TIS! *ROLL EYES BIG TIME!*
And we really cant wait to see the final pictures! Sabar menanti nya! =)
Next, Peti Solek the Bridal Room!
The moment that I've been waiting for! Right aft ROMM(Alhamdulillah. All wen well.) today, we wen for our fitting at their new place @ Bukit Batok. So near my place! So nice their studio. So classy and super comfy! BUT THE PART I REALLY IMPRESSED WAS THEIR DAHLIA AND ROYAL DAHLIA COLLECTION. oh my. Thank God, both my mum and future mother-in-law followed us. Without them, I think I will have a hard time.

We didn't go for the Royal Dahlia la. Just becoz to us, the Dahlia collection also pretty. NOT KIDDING. Of coz their royal dahlia awesome! but still, Dahlia collection really look so sweet on me. Yaya and Yana was so nice letting me try their latest designer collection. OMG! Itu tak ley angkat sia. SUPER GORGEOUS. it look so good on me. maybe the colour and my skin colour blend well. Even Yaya was like "omg, so gorgeous u pakai nie!" I would haf take tat actually! TETAPI! Everything was fine~ Till perot~ Damn. Bontot semua da jambu k. PEROT UH~ Seriously YANI! they cant alter tat baju. Coz it was meant to be very exclusive. Orang2 tertentu je boleh pakai. hehe. Korang! MAINTAIN K PEROT. That baju kalau betul perot kempis and tall(kau bual2 mcm kau tinggi mcm model eh yani!) like my height, it will look super gorgeous nak mampos la on u! SO PLEASE MAINTAIN! So krg ley pakai baju exclusive drg. Oh kene top up if u wanna wear their exclusive baju. Itu u haf to ask them if u wanna know the price. hehe. I dare not say it here. hehe. But still lawa laaaa... U ladies will go "AWWWWWW LAWA GILER KEPE NIE!!!" just like me. lol!!
If only I can load it up here. I would. but kalau gitu, da tak best. Biar krg tgk sendiri dekat studio drg. U gonna love all their collection. PROMISED! Even both mothers was surprised wen I start wearing the selected baju I try tadi. Semua lawa2. smpai Mak aku yg pening. And of all baju I pilih. I SUKA BAJU NIKAH. Its soooo sweet! Fiance favourite will be the sanding punya. And tat pair dia yang pilih. Bagi dia chance sebab takot dia ckp semua aku decide. Tak fair kan. so YES, I let him choose the songket. And I love his taste.
So, that's how I love both MUA yg I da selected for my pre-wedding photoshoot and also MUA for my 2 actual days next year. PUAS HATI DOT COM DOT SG UOLLS!!! For those yang masih RECCE2... Please check tis 2 vendor. They are just awesome la. Hehe. But, no obligation~ Krg kawin. krg la pilih. saya nie, MEMANG suka giler gn 2 bridal nie! Totally on my top list~ And I haf the chance to have them for everything in my mind. ALHAMDULILLAH!
Till next update! SORRY PANJANG LEBAR HARINI. bye!!

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