Saturday, October 4, 2014

2 more weeks

Finally its OCTOBER!
Recently, we dropby KKB to select baju for the photoshoot! Heh~ as expected. I was.... WAS FICKLE MINDED! Haha~ Sampai dia suruh pilih top 5 den cut down to top 3 den 2 den TO THE FINAL ONE. The most difficult decision I made so far! Ini belom lagi dgn PSTBR fitting tau! At 1st I wanted to choose the pompom den he suggested that if I pick pompom I will have a hard time and its difficult to do poses! And he said I cud only stand and do same poses with pompom. BUT he said its my decision laaaaa.. so nice of ira's hubby to tell us what is possible or not. I didn't catch his name. so next final fitting will ask what is his name. we only know him as Ira's hubby. LOL!!
So, I have my favourites tru their IG and my top few baju dia kluar kan la.. DAMN GORGEOUS SIA! macam nak pakai semua... But I ended up something that is ME! Simple yet elegant and its Ira's favourite dress too. It was design to be simple and flowy and its so BOHEMIAN! Sape ikot KKB dekat IG u shud know which one I'm talking about. Who doesn't know, please stay tune for 1 or 2 sneak peek like end of the yr? Mebbe? HAHAHAHAHAHA!
And fiancé picked something he liked too. He really liked tat baju coz he was a "skinhead" once upon a time. and that baju he picked haf that kinda feel to it. And he was very inspired with some designer model that make him haf the idea on how to pose and all. ALL THANKS TO GOOGLE IMAGE AND PINTEREST. kwang kwang kwang!
Not only him, I have mad love for pinterest this few days too. hehe. peragai mentel sia. I think I wanna let go of my hair so I can haf tat flower head band thingy. hahaha. seriously in pictures looks good. scared if I'm the one who wear it will look awful. how uh?! nvm! they will make me look good! Props and such a ready too. SO EXCITED!!

Anyway, 2 more weeks to photoshoot! 3 more weeks to pstbr fiiting! yeah!!!!

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