Thursday, September 18, 2014

Marriage course + Henna

How was the marriage course - Art of Marriage?
Awesome lectures. Awesome topics. Awesome class. Awesome food(MESTI!). AWESOME OF ALL AWESOMENESS(k part nie merepek! haha!)
At 1st, I was so nervous. Seriously, I don't really like meeting new people & I hate presentation. I will get soooooo freaking nervous. Anyway, ALHAMDULILLAH! It was nice seeing otha couple. What we all haf in common? SEMUA NAK KAHWIN! Hahahaha. All preparing whats the "up down left right" moment after a wedding.
I learnt a lot within 2 days. I really love the topics. 5 language of love - my favourite topic of all topics. hehe. Okie, yg tis organization, the ladies tak perlu berdakwa. Pakai apa yg selesa. So doesn't mean tak berdakwa and bukan kat dlm masjid, drg tak touch on ugama. Alhamdulillah. Abg Azhar & Puan Hamidah, sambil mengajar, sambil itu la drg bukak topic ugama. and of coz! they touch on financial problem, how to cool down during argument, sex and more. pretty awkward on the 1st day uh. hahaha. And definitely, 2nd day much more fun maybe becoz kita semua da in the "friend-zone". hahaha.
Best uh. I mean, I didn't expect that I told my fiancé "2 hari tak cukup sey ni." Boys vs Girls argued. Argued in a nice way. Never ending laughters. Never ending nonsense. Never ending stories on real life situation(REAL LIFE MARRIED COUPLE).. speaking of "didn't expect", end of 2nd day, Puan Hamidah, told us to face each other. While she was talking and speaking and berdoa and telling us to forgive each otha, I just cudnt hold my tears..... best part was...... my fiancé pon nangis la kwn2..... he saw me crying... dia pon join.... mebbe we both know, kita both byk berdosa and to many ups and downs between this 4 yrs together... and we are finally settling down... daaaaaamn~ the feeling was so real. I will never forget he cried... coz I never seen him cried! rupa2 nya, dalam hati dia ade taman la kwn2. hahahahahaha.
Well kawan2.... sapa yg berhajat tak nk pergi class ni. I have to say.... PLEASE CHANGE YOUR MIND. it doesn't matter which organization u want to attend... most are the same.... touch on the same subject and the only diff is places la kan. It definitely help u and partner in a way. what to expect as a married couple. it will help u to be prepared in ur marriage. mcm org putih selalu ckp "for better or for worst." worth our $300. worth our weekend. worth listening. And we managed to take pictures with the gurus!

Honoured to be in their class.
Thank you so much Abg Azhar & Puan Hamidah.
Next, on that very Monday morning, I dapat email from Syraskins!
Lincah or waaaaaaaat? Tetiba da dpt confirmation. Haha. Unfortunately, I have to make changes with them. Nasib dorang understanding! Yes, u read it right. Now, dorang da ade studio. So, the bride need to be there to get the henna done. By saying all this, I just cant wait to have the henna done!! I sort of know wat design I want! $180 babe! jgn blg aku krg pilih yg sikit2 ye design. LOL! I want it to be full. eventho mak I tak suka n ckp "da mcm india je penuh2." tapi I suka. I bayar apa! lol!!! and its like once in a lifetime dpt buat henna penuh2 for that price! Please agree on tis people. that price with little design - NO NO. that price with full design - HELL YEAH! Mcm example below ye!

And kaki, tak penuh takpe. sebab orang tak Nampak! Penting, kat tangan tu uh~ LOL!!!! Tapi I want something like below.

Like macam ada rantai kaki kan!? So pretty!
Seriously I cant wait to get it done. Insya Allah. JUST BECOZ I LOVE HENNA! Sape kenal aku tu akan tau! I JUST LOVE THE SMELL! And I jus love how neat Syraskins design it~ agree?! haha. tak agree sudah. I tetap suka! heh~
yes! counting down, 163 days to go..................

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