Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Something exciting coming this October!

OH HELL YEAH!!! FITTING / SELECTION OF BAJU WITH KAKAK-KAKAK ANDAM FROM PETI SOLEK THE BRIDAL ROOM! Actually theres more to it in the email. I cut down to wat is important la kan! hahahaha.
This is really really really happening! I tot I'm gonna meet them like December or something. Hahahaaha! But HELL YEAH! I'm so glad that this is really really happening. Ya Allah, kau permudahkan lah urusan kami Ya ALLAH!
Gonna bring my mum along. I wan her to feel involved about tis whole wedding thingy. And also I want her to agree on what I'm gonna select. Eventho drg takde baju seksi2. But at least let her feel involved la.... doesn't mean she paid for the catering doesn't mean she no need to be involved with otha things... am I rite??!
This is happening 1 week after my photoshoot with KKB. Insya Allah. Still waiting for KKB email for our confirmation date for the shoot. But the last time we talked she said should not be any problem. Just need to wait for her email for our fitting / selecting too! Oh damn!! THIS IS TOO EXCITING FOR ME! The experience that u can only feel only ONCE in your lifetime! U know wat I mean?!
So yeah to my October schedule! Insya Allah! Amin! ;)

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