Saturday, August 23, 2014


1st of all, lets congratulate my very own childhood girlfriend, Faeza, for her engagement today! Finally da tunang orang la sey! Her wedding will be next year too! But 4 months after mine... hehe.. So nice her make up and all. sukkkkaaaaaa~~~!

Congrats dear!
And den, jus today, afternoon, both fiancé & me received an email from Art of Marriage. Igtkan nk confirmation of the dates for the course. Sekali dapat lain daaaa~ hahaha. Was told to chged the dates instead.

Actually, its a blessing in disguised. I forgotten that on the 11th KKH will be having D&D until my manager confirmed my name is on the list for the table. panic mode at work. den I told myself, aft course tukar baju den enjoy the good food. Tapi beg berat la of coz. Nk bawa kasot and such! Den email came in today.... nasib suruh tukar date. Hahaha. So we are planning to go this September. Kinda looking forward to it! YEAH!
Another happier note, PSTBR came in with new dahlia today. and OH MY TUHAN! Its sooooo damn beautiful la! So lucky the bride can wear it 1st! tak, saya tak cemburu k. its soooo freaking nice la! but its not pastel colour. its dark look like royalty la sey! I super in love! becoz its in my favourite colour, PURPLE! Sumpah I MUST have purple for my wedding! At least uh dalam 3 satu tu kene colour purple. hehe. Already in love with this new one of coz! the details its WOW! STUNNING!! Tak percaya?! TGK BAWA PLEASE!
SEE! NO JOKE EH DIA YE COLLECTION. Tiap2 minggu I will feel amazed by this 2 kakak-kakak andam. Seriously, up till now, I THANK GOD that I've booked dem for my wedding. Even the fiancé follow dem okie in IG. Nak tgk what the guys wearing. Hahaha. And he, himself, very impressed!
We cant wait for our appointment! Which I dunno wen. Haha. I tink Dec la hor. 3 months before the event mah~ hahahaha. whatever the date is.... we are just looking forward to select the baju la! another YEAY for me!

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