Tuesday, August 19, 2014


This few days, I've been having this discussion with my mother. OKOK. I nie tak pakai CC or Lagun Sari or country club. I go oldschool(sort off) okieeee~ hehe~

At 1st mmg la nk pakai MPH Casa Clementi nie.... tapi, I really reaaaallllyyyy think its super small and not worth the $$ to pakai tat crampy place. We even wanted to get tentage for the MPH tat will make the MPH look bigger. Which will cost a lot actually. I already enquire Adila from Amani.... theres 2 range.... yg murah ye takde mcm rende kat atas... den the mahal abit is those type yg ber-decorate... makna nya yg lawa la of coz... nmp presentable tat sort.......
I dun think its a need rite?? for tentage and small mph??? even gf of mine ever told me tat her very own fren tentage cost her $2k?! Mahal ke peeee. I actually very torn la. but wat the heck. Even the fiancĂ© don really like where the mph located. He's thinking about the BIG BUS coming in from tat tiny narrow road in.... if u ever come here.... I bet u know wat I mean. I already heard a lot of ppl complaining its hard to find the mph. Coz its like ter-perap tgh2 dunia in between 2 tall building. Casa Clementi mmg la menang lawa.... tapi alangkah sayangnya, its small, crampy and buat org sesat. hurhur
Den recently, we walk ard the old blk infront of my new blk..... yes! bawah blk..... tak ke oldskool tu koraaaangz~~~ its just 2 min(minus walking with high heels la. heh~) walking distance from my blk and tat blk.... its not tat spacious.... but I've seen weddings held at that blk... and I don't see any problem with that particular blk.. what I like abt it, its sooooo near the bus stop.... so ppl wont get lost.... trust me, once u turun itu bus stop confirm2 uh krg akan dengar lagu2 yg akan di main kan oleh MIS Entertainment kan! Loud and clear! Tak payah nk pikir "eh? mane ni yani ye tempat?!" "eh, jauh sak dia nie buat dia ye majlis!!" and "balik uh~ sesat sak!" hahahahaha. n sapa2 nk singgah masjid nak solat di masjid pon da dekat k..... bual2 mcm takde tempat solat pulak nanti... hahahahaha! but, ade org kan prefer ber-solat dia masjid kalau da kat luar tu.... betul taaaaak? and i heard its cheaper den MPH. sound very the mcm lokek eh nak abik MPH n tentage....
Bukan nya apa.... abg I pon nk share actually nk I buat kat MPH... n he wanna fork out money with my 2nd bro for all that.... but I rejected la... coz dey demself ade family.. told him kalau nak share2, bende2 lain boleh... guestbook or entertainment ke or any other thing ke.. I tak nk la pakai tat money for tat just few days aft tat tak nmp mane duit tu pergi.... betul? plusssss, tat amount, u can do with otha stuff. Mcm belik brg dulang ke..... brg2 yg extra yg perlu utk kawin ke... or better still, u can use tat amt of money to spend during honeymoon! U FEEL ME?!
Budget pon lari sey kalau betul aku nk tentage and mph yg kecik giler nie... Kalau MPH besar with tat $$ puas hati la... ini tak seberapa jeeeeee~ semakin kecik pulak mph2 kat Singapore nie eh.... rumah kecik, mph pon kecik..... *roll eyes!!*
but hey, any time I can change my mind again. hahaha. But 80% confirm I'm going to use blk 411. Impt is to for guest to find the venue... mcm la semua dtg kan... hahaha. takpe la.... insya Allah byk org yg hadir la nya..

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