Sunday, February 22, 2015

All about the "Bulus" and "Kukus"

So, kirakan nak macam prepare for the wedding la kan. So, Zimah, one of my bridemaids and I wen to Musee Platinum appointment few weeks back to sign up the package. Its soooo cheap during promotion. We paid $30 ONLY(underarm only) for the unlimited session. Again, I must say this again and again! Its PROMOTION at that point of time.
At 1st mcm tak percaya la sebab its state as "unlimited for $30". No hidden cost. No gimmick. And great thing about Musee Platinum, they are not PUSHY unlike like other company that I heard and read off. Well, today, it was our 1st treatment. Actually, by RIGHT, I cant go for the appointment coz its state in T&C, BTB/Wedding on the same month as appointment tak boleh buat. But, me, I go by LEFT! I don't care! Hahahaha! If really bad happen to the ketiak, ITS OKIE. Becoz, my baju nikah and sanding its not sleeveless mah! So, its okie! HAHAHAHAHA! It still hidden even if my ketiak really really reaaaallly gone wrong la. Pray hard it wont! That's all I can say.
Anyway, the procedure took like less den 10 min? I think like 7 mins job?! So damn fast I tell u! After treatment tu, lom la ade perbezaan nya..... LOL! Tak kan sekali je terus bulu dia tipis and ketiak da puteh. Of coz la TIDAK! hahahahahahaha!! I seriously cannot wait to see the different after few session la. Hehe!! Nanti da ade beza nya saya bilang ye.... Sila la baca di bawa tentang treatment nya okie!

After the "ketiak" session... We wen for "Kuku" session la pulak. Lol!! Nak bersih kan kuku yg berdaki nie before henna nite... why so early? Well, aku malas nak pegi lain hari... and I wanna try it at bugis. since our apt ketiak at Bugis+, so y not sekali gus we go to bugis st and try the mani and pedi there. I dont want to do at the mall like Nail Palance becoz I ever kena.. super sakit k dia buat kan manicure.... and they are pushy. Paksa2 suruh masok as members. I WHERE GOT TIME TO DO ALL THIS JUNK! I'm doing this like every yr once. LOL! thats just show how lazy I can be regarding my Kuku. Serious gang. NO TIME! So dont waste money to join all this.
But hey, jgn pandang Bugis st tak bagus okie. The place i wen is so very the ala2 Phuket. Hahaha. Coz dulu, I pegi gn gfs I meni pedi kat phuket. So feeling2 nya mcm kat sana. Lagi2 pegi gan Zimah. LOL!! Best part is, dey were soooooooo freaking gentle JUST like at Phuket. Tak sakit. So relaxing of coz! And takde nak promote2 masok member. Buat, habis kan cerita, bayar! Tak rasa beban langsung! Hahahaha. So, its kinda recommended. Drg ni English nya tak sehebat mane... But, they can understand simple English, GOOD ENUFF FOR ME OKIE! 

Biggest thank u to my good gf aka bridesmaid aka TEAM CENGGENG for menemani aku ke kedai kuku and sending me home harini! Appreciate it BIG TIME! hehe... Sayang Zimah many2!!!


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