Thursday, February 19, 2015


Hey!! Its been so long!! No updates no nothing, Too busy during the school hols. And den kinda bz tru out. Busy apa eh?! I also dunno la.

I had 2 surprises! Hen's high tea @ Carousel with my bffs and also a 2 days 1 nite hen's party @ Fairmont hotel with my gfs. THANK U SO MUCH FOR ALL THE EFFORTS! Both party suka eh blindfold blindfold aku. Haha! STILL, I DO HAVE FUN WITH ALL MY ORANG KUATS! Sayang all 9 of them!
Featuring the BFFs:-


Featuring the girlfriends, Bohemian nite:-

And oh!! This 2 secondary school mate of mine!! They also surprised me too!! A wedding gift~ How thoughtful of u guys!!! SAYANG KRG JGAK K!!!!

and deeeeeeeen, theres too many weddings to go too week after week after week! No time for anything else otha den makan nasi minyak orang. Lol!!! Penat k... macam theres no other things to do during weekends except for wedding! But I still go with an open heart and smile tru out coz its their special day. and mine will be like soooon!

DAG DIG DUG! Lagi 9 hari dok aku kahwin!!! Hahahahaha! Alhamdulillah. All settle. As for now, everything according to plans. Met Yaya from Peti Solek The Bridal Room smlm to choose my last baju! Like last minit eh? but actually no la.. coz Yaya wanted me to wait for their new arrival tats y I never choose any last dress the last time. And yes! I love their new baju!! I hugged her wen she said "I CHOP BAJU NI UTK U OKIE!" touching okie! Coz she said, wen she picked up the baju in KL she already think of me. Alhamdulillah. I guess she must have liked me for a reason. LOL! But seriously, I'm very touched! No 2nd tots of trying otha Dahlia collection... I just chose the one that was chosen by herself! Heh~ SO HAPPY! I cant wait to pakai baju baru dia! It felt so awesome la okie! Hahahaha. Sorry eh girls. It may not be as wow in ur mata... tapi mata I.... its amazing~~~

After that, we met our cameraman and videoman from Clearlens production. Hakeem the videoman, he's so nice la. He shared his experienced regarding his old client bad and good. Anyway, I felt comfortable with him. So I think I shudnt be camera shy during the video shoot, I HOPE! As for Saiful, he was once my senior. we were friends before. and that shudnt be any problem too! Confident eh! skali dia petik gambar takot muka aku senyum macam kambing nanti. LOL!!

Already discussed with Farah Affandi about the cake too! I cannot wait to rasa her cakes again!! Met Kak Lia from MIS Entertainment about the itinerary too! Met KKB to get our package! Soooooo loving the pre-wedding shoot photos from dem! Puas hati okie!!! Met Aida from AMN Snaptures for the photobooth guestbook thingy too! Met Elly Weddings regarding our wedding trays!! Discussed with HMWL regarding my bouquet, mesti ade purple as I requested! LOL! Met Abg Omar from Amani, praying hard he can make the space look big!! and hoping the food for the guest will be enuff! done done done! Tunggu timing je la okie!! *finger crossed*

Woah so many things happening. This is the reason y I cant update anything~ Like as if people read my blog. hahahahahaha!! INSYA ALLAH EVERYTHING WILL BE WELL. No jitters yet. But soon la okie.. soooon! Hehe!!! Please pray for us!
U can simply find us in IG with the hashtag okies. Updates and such. =)

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